Once there was a dance floor

Once there was a dance floor constructed on the first basin swiming pool so that Qantas and the tourist industry could chuck a party

Partytime marquee

Last week a huge marquee was constructed on the first basin swiming pool so that Qantas and the tourist industry could chuck a party. To all accounts they had a good time, this giant Meccano set construction was assembled in three days

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A look down the Tamar Valley

A look down the Tamar Valley from Gravelly Beach 6X9 Kodak Ektar Voigtlander Bessa

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The Bay of Fires


Its been quite some time since I posted anything but having taken nearly 18 months to build a new home, studio and an almost completed a darkroom in the last year time for blogging has been a sparse commodity. However I did take a few days off here and there that gave me some time to look around tassie and shoot about twenty films most of which are awaiting the arrival of a LAB BOX from a Kickstarter to dev the black and white. The colour film went off to a local lab THE ONLY C41 lab in Tasmania and they have done a reasonable job even though there is much more spotting to do than I would like. This was shot on Ektar on my 1949 Voigtlander Bessa Its a 6×9 version which is ideal for landscapes… This bay near St Helens is called the bay of fires because of the red and orange lichen on the rocks which under the right light gives the impression of fire on the rocky landscape.

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Another crushing experience…

Another crushing experience

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Mono trunks…

At a time when spring is in full swing the colours are the most obvious thing one sees but as soon as dusk begins to fall on the land all colours turn to grey…

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Iris’s in the wind…


Iris’s blowing in the window as the sun set colours blur and lines move!

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Circles a found still life…

Many circle and wheels in different materials

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Decoration for an unmade pot!

Concepts drawing Decoration for an unmade pot!

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Green door

A victorian green door on wellington street

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Purple in Launceston…

Purple in Launceston

This concrete arch that forms part of the flood wall for the South Esk River

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