University of Melbourne…

University of Melbourne

A Day in Melbourne

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Light from within…

Light from within

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Corrie number eighteen…

Corrie - Inspired bu corrugated steel roofing

Corrie number eighteen.

Originially created in Photoshop 4! Its time they see the light of day…

Corrie – Corrugated roofs are everywhere in Australia this was the initial inspiration when I was building our home in Mahogany Creek in 1990. Originally the walls were going to be made of Colourbond corrugated steel – Corrie to every one who works with this wonderful material. I spent a lot of time designing that house but ironically corrie wasn’t used I couldn’t get anyone at the time to do the work, roofs yes, but not the exterior walls so I had to use a more conventional type of steel cladding. Now of course its used all over the place for every purpose imaginable there are many variations even a mini orb where the corrugations are only 15mm apart. One chain of work clothes shops uses throughout the interiors. I designed and built several tables that incorporated curved bullnose corrie. Altogether a versatile and practical material.

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A retaining wall at Tailrace park

A retaining wall at Tailrace park

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Frost fungus and lichen…

frost fungus and lichen

The morning before the longest and frostiest day of the year. The frost really lay heavy on the ground on this morning and was unlike any frost that yours truly has seen in many a long year.

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Frozen weeds minus two degrees…


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A tiny mushroom growing on an apricot tree…

Tiny chocolate mushroom growing in a creavis of an apricot tree


I found this tiny mushroom growing in a crevice in the bark of an old apricot tree.
We are fortunate in that the house that we recently moved into has a few fruit trees, all of them old and needing work plus a few seasons pruning to get them back to producing quality fruit. There were lots of apples on the Granny Smith tree. Many had a lot of scab but those that were salvageable were as sweet as I have tasted from a Granny Smith. The Lemon is in terrible condition I think the only thing holding it up is the ivy which is slowly strangling it to death. Even so the fruit is good and again remarkably sweet. I think it might be a Myer lemon they have a propensity to be less acidic. There are three other fruit trees my neighbour thinks one is a green plum and the other two look like cherries or cherry plumbs. Lastly there is this apricot the real estate agent, the previous owner and the neighbour all agree that the apricots are ‘really good’ and the tree is a heavy barer so much so that one year while the house was empty the fruit were picked and sold with lots left over for jam! Well, we will just have to wait and see until next spring.

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Brutalist pumping station…

Brutalist pumping station

Looking at some of the half dozen or so pumping stations in and around Launceston it seems these small utility buildings give the architect an opportunity to let his or her imagination run free. Maybe its to test new combinations of building materials or train labour. Very few people are going to question the style or design of a building that sits tucked away in a corner between a riverbank levee and a main road. Its likely that very few people even care and even if they did object in some way there are many excuses that could used to make stifle debate. This building is the way it is for functional reasons. This building is the way it because of costs etc. But whatever the reason here we have an industrial building that is designed for a specific purpose in a style that echo’s the period in which was created and visually gives those of us who are interested something to ponder upon.


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Brutalist concrete boardwalk…


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Granite and grass…

Granite and grass

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