Reflections of a carpark


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Subico Perth Western Australia has a new car park which will be needed when the huge new wing of the hospital is completed. Its a practical building but very expensive to use being ‘Private’ they gouge the visitor to the hospital. A visit to a clinic always seems to take three hours or so and there is no change out of $20 for parking. Public transport is difficult if one comes from out of town because there is never any parking at the suburban train stations. Its there but never enough of it. Not good for a hospital that serves many people from outside of the metro area. Yet another inconsiderate action by a useless state government in Western Australia.

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Contented Sussex chook…

Contented Sussex chook

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Italianate Victorian Neo Whatever!!!


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Art Deco In Launceston Tasmania…

The Holyman Building Launceston Tasmania

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Kniphofia a pink South African

Pink Kniphofia from South Africa

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Wisteria its the blues in spring…

Its spring the blues always the blues...

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Malaysian daisies a very hardy plant…


From a small potted cutting given by a friend this Malaysian-daisies has flourished it is the hardiest of the hardy. It takes the Western Australian sun and dry summers and flowers all the time…

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Bristly Cottonheads…


When these fluffy yellow fellows the Bristly Cottonheads pop up in clumps throughout clearings in the Jarrah forest its a sure sign the spring is here even though the heavy rain and the thermometer would indicate otherwise…

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The many branches of education…


A slightly different take of this series of the education departments complex looking through to the subject I remember going inside this complex on a job just after they first moved in. It would be an experience to go have a look twenty years on, and education perhaps…

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Many more steps in the education department

Many more steps in education department

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