Upon reflection

Upon reflection

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Seaweed studies

Seaweed studies

Seaweed studies

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Still life: Stone on a tree stump

Still life stone on a tree stump

Still life; stone on a tree stump in Cataract Gorge

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Steel life No1…

Steel life number 1

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Hardest and softest

Hardest and softest

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Still life by the beach – Bay of fires


Still life by the beach Bay of Fires, near St Helens Tasmania

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Deserted Crocks

deserted crocks

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Lichen & Casuarina

Lichen & Casurina

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Found Still life: Euphorbia lambii

Found Still life: Euphorbia lambii

A found still life with Euphorbia lambii – not Jacqui. This interesting plant has the propensity to become something of a weed in Tasmania as it is in parts of Italy. I struggled over many seasons to grow it in W.A. and here it self seeds and just grows! Olympus EM1 processed in LR

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Pine Cones

Pine cones a found still life

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