Monthly Archives: November 2009

The best camera is…

iPhone f2.8 1/570 ISO70

When people learn that you are a photographer it is too often asked what is the best camera? The answer has to be the one you have with you at the time. This is my first post with the camera I have with me all the time… An iPhone and I have to say it discharges itself pretty well with only a tiny bit of tweeking in Photoshop. Now if only I could get a little less DOF and noise…

Maybe another tiny unknown forest flower…

Canon 5D f6.3 1/200s ISO100 EF100 2.8Macro

I believe that this little flower is the same as the previous post on 2009.11.04 but taken much later in the season and from above.

Lechenaultia biloba…

Canon 5D f5.6 1/200s ISO100 LensBaby

Lechenaultia biloba…closer

Canon 5D f6.3 1/60s ISO100 EF100 2.8Macro

Lechenaultia biloba

Canon 5D f8 1/125s ISO 100 EF100  f2.8Macro

More on Lechenaultia’s

Bacon & Eggs

Canon 5D f6.3  1/60s ISO100 100mm 2.8Macro

Funnel web

Canon 5D f4.0 1/640s ISO200 EF24-105 f4L IS

Web II Austracantha minax : Christmas Spider

Canon 5D f4.0 1/500s ISO200 EF24-105 f4L IS

A Christmas spiders new web

Canon 5D f4.0 1/500s ISO200 EF24-105 f4LIS

Alstroemeria variety unknown…

Canon 300v f5.6 1/125s ISO100 Agfa Ultra EF100mm 2.8Macro