Ghost gums at sunset…

Ghost gums at sunset in Mahogany Creek

Sigma DP2 f3.5 1/60s ISO100.

Gum tree leaves are a pain in the back side. If it happens that winter rains arrive late as did happen this year gum trees pile on massive amounts of growth. Then just when the 40 degree heat arrivesĀ and with it the associated fire risk these magnificent trees decide to part company and drop as much as 40% of their leaves.

Gum leaves break down into humus the same as any genus of tree leaves except that this process can take a three to five years or even longer as a result they pile up and pile up. Then as the new moon rises the strong winds arrive and guess what those leaves being like little aerofoils blow every where . Then they have to be raked up to avoid being a fire hazard. Most years it is not an unpleasant task but this season the rains were late, the new growth was prodigious, the heat has been long and high and the winds strong. One could say as seems commonly used these days ‘the perfect storm’ …

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