A mushroom on the forest floor at night by iPhone…

Mushroom in the Jarrah Forest

iPhone 5s.  After five years my first iPhone a 3g had just about given up the ghost so now it sits on my kitchen counter as a very hi tech egg timer! This photo is one of the first half dozen and the first one with flash – what a novelty. I’m quite impressed by the new iPhones capabilities but I don’t think it will replace any cameras any time soon just too much DOF for my taste. However that said I have been itching to try some of the current crop of photo manipulator apps on the phone itsself that the 3g just could not handle. They are great things to play with on public transport which I had to use a few days ago and I was not alone an elderly lady was sat opposite from me completing a crossword on her iPad which she was obviously totally wrapped with.

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