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All rights reserved! All images on this web site are covered by copyright and are the property of Michael Ward. The copyright is enforced by Viscopy Limited. http://www.viscopy.com

 BUT… I do subscribe to the good intentions of the “Creative Commons principle”. If you wish to use my  work for non commercial puposes that is there is no exchange of money, tokens or favours for the use of whatever  you take from my web sites for whatever you want to do with it, I will ‘agree’ and allow you to use it as long as the image, photograph or drawing is atributed and labled as such to me Michael Ward – perceptivelight at gmail.com

Pretty simple eh!

Now a bit about me…

At age 9 I was given a 620 Imperial box camera by a sagacious aunt as a birthday gift. This led to black and white film development in my own darkroom – in a converted outside toilet! Contact prints from large zen like square negatives soon followed… After an apprenticeship, College and University a career as a designer for the print industry followed with a camera as a working tool and a constant companion.

The printing industry computerised in the late seventies and with advent of the Macintosh computers in March 1984 digital production methods took over. Print and photographic workflow became totally digital first with scanners then in the early naughties with digital cameras.

Training photoshop, Illustrator and workflow in TAFF and private colleges part time allowed the development of frelance Industrial, product and botanical photography which continue to form the basis of my practice today…

Web sites:

michaelward.com.au   perceptivelight.com   fuji.photography   thelauncestonpost.com.au


Google + – Michael Ward      Tumblr –  Perceptivelight     Foveon-Photography

I guess I am a ‘confirmed gear head’, I salivate at the thought of the possibilities of trying something with a camera I don’t own, or a lens that may have an obscure adapter for this or that body. However, when all is said and done its the work that counts. This blog is my work in progress, for the things that excite and interest me or for the quirky images from plastic lens cameras, for the old and not often used cameras and for the (majority of?) shots that won’t or could not be used for commercial purposes. For those that are happy mistakes or the drawings that have an interesting quality that otherwise would not see the light of day !!!

If you like my work please add a comment or email me and lets talk about it.

Prints or electronic files of any of these images can be had as a royalty free purchase

email: perceptivelight at gmail.com


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