Australia Why…

When I woke up to hear about the reinstatement of regal honours referred to as knights and dames on the ABC 6am news I cringed and thought it must be April 1st or something. Then when the magnitude of this insanity gelled I realised we are paying this regal aspirant Prince Tony half a million dollars a year to waste civil servants resources reestablishing something that was dead and buried forty years ago. He really doesn’t deserve the job. From attack dog to prince in six months thats quite switch, even the old rusting man of steel thinks its whacky…
This diversionary policy dragged from the annals of time in order of magnitude is about as low as it gets. This wannabe knight is a Rhodes scholar and this is the best he can do? I had my doubts about his credentials when he came out with the remarks during the carbon tax debate “carbon dioxide is invisible, it’s weightless and it’s odourless, was he on acid or something. It is the truth but in the whole debate it was said totally out of context – I have heard better replies from yr 10 students. Are Australians so gullible as to accept this lack of intellect in our elected leaders? It seems we are. When oh when are we going to get some solid intellectual debate, common sense and honesty governing this country. Speaking to acquaintances overseas about Australia they all ask the same question on most subjects Why!

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