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Concrete forms and grilles

Concrete forms and grilles

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A cloudy day at JB HiFi


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Gray day…

Gray day on a corrugated roof

Gray day on a corrugated roof

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Architectural iron…

Architectural rusty iron

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University of Melbourne…

University of Melbourne

A Day in Melbourne

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Brutalist pumping station…

Brutalist pumping station

Looking at some of the half dozen or so pumping stations in and around Launceston it seems these small utility buildings give the architect an opportunity to let his or her imagination run free. Maybe its to test new combinations of building materials or train labour. Very few people are going to question the style or design of a building that sits tucked away in a corner between a riverbank levee and a main road. Its likely that very few people even care and even if they did object in some way there are many excuses that could used to make stifle debate. This building is the way it is for functional reasons. This building is the way it because of costs etc. But whatever the reason here we have an industrial building that is designed for a specific purpose in a style that echo’s the period in which was created and visually gives those of us who are interested something to ponder upon.


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Stairs Holyman Building, Launceston…

Stairs Holyman Building, Launceston


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Lignum concrete

Lignum concrete the heart of the brutalist construction...


‘Lignum concrete’ the heart of the brutalist construction… Wood grain set in concrete so easy on the eye and to explore by touch – no splinters!

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Tree ferns and brutalism…

Tree ferns and brutalism Henty House in Launceston Tasmania

Tree ferns and brutalism Henty House in Launceston Tasmania

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Reflections of a carpark


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Subico Perth Western Australia has a new car park which will be needed when the huge new wing of the hospital is completed. Its a practical building but very expensive to use being ‘Private’ they gouge the visitor to the hospital. A visit to a clinic always seems to take three hours or so and there is no change out of $20 for parking. Public transport is difficult if one comes from out of town because there is never any parking at the suburban train stations. Its there but never enough of it. Not good for a hospital that serves many people from outside of the metro area. Yet another inconsiderate action by a useless state government in Western Australia.

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