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Reflections of a carpark


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Subico Perth Western Australia has a new car park which will be needed when the huge new wing of the hospital is completed. Its a practical building but very expensive to use being ‘Private’ they gouge the visitor to the hospital. A visit to a clinic always seems to take three hours or so and there is no change out of $20 for parking. Public transport is difficult if one comes from out of town because there is never any parking at the suburban train stations. Its there but never enough of it. Not good for a hospital that serves many people from outside of the metro area. Yet another inconsiderate action by a useless state government in Western Australia.

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The many branches of education…


A slightly different take of this series of the education departments complex looking through to the subject I remember going inside this complex on a job just after they first moved in. It would be an experience to go have a look twenty years on, and education perhaps…

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Silver City The Architecture of W.A. Department of Education

Silver City The Education Department of Western  Australia

I like IR photography it allows me to take photographs in the middle of the day rather than fighting with shadows and the intense light of Western Australia. I had an Olympus EM-5 converted its light has lots of lenses there is even a tilt and shift which I feel is somewhat redundant with the software tools available today, but its there if you really need one. I’m playing around with converting RAW files in different ways. This building is a tiny part of the State of Western Australia’s Education department. Nick named the ‘Silver City’. Its quite contemporary, built in the late 80’s and austere. It is interesting that the ground water reticulation overspray has softened its austerity almost like photographic toning – more later, TBC…

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BHP the largest building on the Perth skyline…

The BHP building the largest on the Perth skyline


Olympus E-M5 OMD ƒ/11 1/125s ISO100 Olympus 75-300mm.

I have had to wait a few months to photograph the new BHP Billiton building in as much as I have not been in Perth when the sun was in the right position. Earlier in the day and the sun would be facing the camera lens, later in the day and the suns reflection off that wall of coated glass would blow out all the detail. I think I caught it just right. I am actually quite pleased with the lens as well I bought it almost a year ago but because of commercial  work and a slew of  family obligations I have not had chance to do much personal work. At this the short end of its range there is no distortion whatsoever and as a relatively inexpensive lense it they don’t come much sharper.

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Just a another drive by shooting…

Just a another drive by shooting
Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ/9 1/640s ISO400

Just another drive by shooting…
Sometimes being stuck in traffic one can grab the odd image that appeals I like the geometry of this. However I have often wondered who is responsible for patterns and the colourings of our under passes and bridges. This form of imposed public patterns has been around since the seventies. – I wouldn’t venture to use the word art to describe it because the majority of these random acts naive pattering in concrete are the ugly daubings of a deranged misfit. I realize that the Main Roads Department of Western Australia who is responsible for the construction would not dare use a plain colour or heaven forbid concrete au naturale for fear of attracting the taggers or graffiti artist. But the fact is some of the W.A. graffiti artists are very good and much better that this multicoloured mush. I have no winge with the civil engineering, it certainly was not designed by a Nervi but it is serviceable and causes no offense to my eyes. But the colourings and patterns in concrete I really feel we can do better as public art to inspire or alleviate the pain for people who happen to be stuck in traffic.

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Evolution looking out…

Evolution looking out


Leica M9 f9 1/125s ISO320 Voigtlander 35mm Nockton

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Those water tank trees, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Those water tank trees, Gardens by the Bay,Singapore


Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ9 1/1200s ISO320 12-50 lens

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The Montgolfier brothers float into the matrix…

The Montgolfier brothers float into the matrix


Olympus E-M5 OMD ƒ5.6 1/640s ISO200 Lumix 14-42 pancake zoom

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A helix as a bridge!


A bridge in the form of a helix

A bridge in the form of a helix and the whole thing is constructed out of stainless steel. This is another example of civil engineering a bridge created by the public works department of Singapore. Could it be that this quality and high standard of design is only possible in a benevolent (almost) single party parliamentary system.

We can be this good in Australia god knows we have the talent in the architects and designers. But the thing we lack is the drive (force perhaps) to execute projects on a large scale. As a result much of our top talent in almost every area of expertise except perhaps sporting endeavors leave for and seldom return. I heard a report a few years ago that said in the John Howard years 100,000 graduates departed Australia. It is very sad and a national disgrace.

It took a hundred years to get a railway from north to south in Australia. Pushed through by John Howard who just happened to have a majority in both houses of parliament.  But a hundred years from concept to completion for a railway OMG. It should have been a 21st century solution it ended up being not much different from the 19th century concept. But John Howard is acknowledged to be well, backward looking.
Australia may get a functional high speed fibre optic network within ten years (the NBN) if we get ten years of the same party in power or two parties that agree about the importance of the national interest. If not we will get a half arsed watered down version to save money as dictated by a PM who is ignorant of such matters and minister of telecoms that knows better but for the sake of political expediency won’t admit it. But that is the price of an open democracy or should that mediocrity…

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Forrest Chase and the dancin' cactus …

Forrest Chase and the dancin' cactus dancing all day long...
I like to walk through Forrest Chase or Forrest Place as it was called up until about 1979 when it was ‘commercialized’ by demolishing all the original buildings and replacing them with ten times the number of new shops. It is named after Sir John Forrest born in Bunbury Western Australia  in 1847 in the spirit of empire and adventure he made good as and explorer into the interior of W.A. He was appointed as the surveyor general and in 1890 became the first Premier of W.A. He is remembered in many places in Western Australia that bare his name in many suburbs, streets and piazzas like Forrest Chase. Shortly before his death in 1918 he was a made a British peer as Baron Forrest of Bunbury.

The oldest building at the rear of the right hand side of this photo is the Commonwealth building, it originally housed the Government Commonwealth bank, the post office, the telegraph / telex office and a few other government departments.
Next to it is an awful postmodern mimicking monstrosity. Some silly sod in planning, urban environment or whatever actually approved this, they obviously tried to blend the new with the old… Well visually it just doesen’t work, its an eyesore, a total abortion of a building that stopped developing after the first artists sketch.

Any building no matter how humble should be of its time. Should be representative of design of the period that it constructed in. If it has to reference anything let it reference the materials of the old but in contemporary style, construction or colours. So the building makes its own presence felt and seen, and not something of an attempt at a bygone era…

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