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Clarendon carraige house wall…

Clarendon-carraigehouse-wall a simple utilitarian building of considerable proportions

Clarendon carraige house wall a simple utilitarian building of considerable proportions. The constant flooding of the Esk river over the last year are begining to show on this simple functional but well proportioned building.

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Dolerite and lattice,,,

Dolerite and Lattice in the Cataract Gorge  Launceston Tasmania

Dolerite and Lattice in the Cataract Gorge Launceston Tasmania Some thoughtful person built a home or maybe just an office next to the entrance of the Cataract gorge. It is constructed in the Edwardian style similar to many buildings in Launceston however the sloping cut dry dolerite stonework bares a slight resemblance to a Japanese castle standing at the start of a path as it does. Having observed many Japanese tourists looking at the gorge from Kings Bridge it seems this resemblance is not lost on them!

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Old Tasmanian Steps

old Tasmania Steps

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Autumn steps


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Paths Converge

Paths Converge Launceston

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Clarendon under the Milkyway…

Clarendon under the Milkyway

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Half round boards…

Half round boards

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Aged concrete steps…

Aged-concrete-steps in the first basin park Launceston Tasmania

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Sunset on the floor…

Sunset on the floor in spices a great Indian Resturaunt in Launceston

The setting sun produced a shadow gram on the blind that interested me. The grain of the wooden floor, the near vertical lines of the blinds, the chrome of the much copied Fritz Hansen chair, all came together in a quiet glance of angles and texture. The lady said are you one of these people that constantly looks at your phone? No I said there are qualities in the light shape and forms that interest me. As I look at the light this irrepressible force makes me concentrate on what is before me no matter how simplistic or mundane.  I have to record the composition with camera or much less often now a pencil and sketchbook. Its the way I am and have always been. I think she understood but I felt there were doubts…

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