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An architects mildly eccentric garden shed

An architects garden shed… Mamiya 6 folder 1957 film plane focus camera HP5 ISO800 ƒ16 This Mamiya was produced from the 1940’s to 1959 in many different versions. Different range finders, many different lenses by several optical lens companies. Personally I really like the Mamiya glass the render and contrast are as good as it gets As RF MF cameras go this in spite of its age is close to perfection in consideration that this camera is now sixty years old.
This was the second film I processed in the Lab Box and the first frame on the roll, the top and bottom left show a bit of edge light-leak from loading LabBox. Its easy to fix load it in subdued light! Many folders have issues and are dismissed but I like them because they are small and ideal for travel. I have come very close to buying the last folder the Fuji / Voigtlander GF670 on several occasions but have all been warned that they can be a tad delicate which is something that cannot be levelled at the Mamiya 6 folder.

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Another crushing experience…

Another crushing experience

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Green door

A victorian green door on wellington street

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Steel hand rails…

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Sunrise over Mount Barrow


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Gone Solar…

We gone with the PV power

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Mansard and shadows

A new roof above

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Elm at night

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Upon reflection

Upon reflection

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Hardest and softest

Hardest and softest

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