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Solar panels in Kings Medows…


The owner of Tasmanian Chainsaws and Mowers in Launceston has a lot of common sense and solar panels. With the main power link to the mainland broken solar will be helping out Tas Hydro and all Tasmanians in times of disruption.
Western Australia now has the notoriety of being in the position where more Roof Top Solar power is generated than comes from power generating stations! As a result the WA government is loosing revenue and guess what, Barnett the premier doesn’t like it, so home owners are actually being penalised for having RTS. Further Barnett the silly has allowed Synergy the states power company to re-write the regulations to actively discourage folks from using RTS.
A good friend of mine has 2.4 Kw on his roof and wants increase to 5kw  but he is not allowed because his new panels will be a different COLOUR from the originals. Now how stupid is that!  This is how far petty pea brained politicians will go to make common sense installation of alternate energy difficult in the sad state of W.A. Its not what one would call a liberal attitude. Protection of coal royalties and generators aside Barnetts actions to discourage roof top solar is just not in the interest of Western Australians or any other Australian for that matter…

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Christmas Decorations in Launceston…

Quite the oddest of Christmas decorations. Perhaps the message is three unwise women…

Quite the oddest of Christmas decorations. Perhaps the message is three unwise women…

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Verandah number 23, the bull nose…

Verandah number 23, the bull nose

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Corrugated verandah number 23…

Verandah number 23

Living in a place where every other house has a corrugated steel verandah was a revelation thirty years ago I only had to look up and there was another wonderful abstract graphic. Depending on the age of the building to a greater extent determined the amount of shadow between the corrugations. Zincalum grays with age so the older the steel the less the three dimensionality and the more subtle the pattern. These recreations are square because I photographed them with a very old Yashica Mat that rendered a 6cm x 6cm negative so when translated photos to sketches and ultimately to Freehand and eventually Photoshop I maintained the square format. But the histrionics of the use of the square goes back much further than that. Using a square format camera from boyhood sort of formatted my visual perception of rightness. Square was my normal and it seems to be a common trait in humans that normal feels comfortable so I just kept on using it! Sadly, I didn’t graduate to a Hasellblad

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Hyalosperma cotula, the smallest of the everlastings…

Hyalosperma cotula, the smallest of the everlastings...

Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ11 1/5s ISO 200 Lumix 12-42  pancake zoom

There are about a half a dozen species of everlasting daisy like flowers in Western Australia this is the smallest at about 12 – 18mm in diameter. Its a real pleasure to to see thousands of these delicate little flowers growing out of little more than gravel.

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Disused railway tracks that lead to the Midland workshops…

Disused railway tracks that lead to the Midland workshops


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Train Guard

A train guard in steelLumix G3 f3.5 1/1000s ISO160

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Tying mi boots, street art in Midland Western Australia

Tying mi bootsLumix G3 f3.5 1/1000s ISO 400 Leica DG Summilux 25/F1.4

I like street art! In towns and places that do not have the depth of history or architecture that European cities and towns have, whimsical street art elevates streetscapes often from dull and dreary to tolerable. Street art and even some graffiti for that matter have made Midland in Western Australia a place that temps one to stop and linger or walk from one place to another. Previously Midland was really a place to park do what had to be done and the get out as quickly as possible. Like many places in Western Australia Midland has to shake off the mental tagging of ‘dullsville’ and street art certainly helps…

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Lest we forget, we should never forget…

Cenotaph-Kings-Park-PerthLumix G3 ƒ7.1 1/1600 ISO160 14-42mm Panasonic X series lens

Lest we forget… Remembrance day 2012, I have written in previous years why this day is different for me and why the phrase on the eternal flame  memorial ‘silent contemplation’ is linked with more than a few tears.  The words sum it up in as simpler sentence as it is possible to write. To all those people who like me ponder long on this day I wish you comfort and peace of mind.

The cenotaph in Kings Park has got to be one of the most beautiful sites anywhere on the planet. Standing just beyond the cenotaph one has a two hundred degree view of Perth and its suburbs across the sand plain to the darling ranges escarpment beyond. Such a fitting site to place a memorial to fellow humans who made the ultimate sacrifice so this place could be viewed and enjoyed in freedom and peace.

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Two steps in Lancaster England… With an Australian flavour!


Canon 5D f4.5 1/8s EF24-105 IS, ISO400

It was a very cold and wet and windy December day in Lancaster and a I had a few hours to kill. It was 30 degrees in Western Australia and I had not seen the sun for weeks. I looked out from Castle Hill over that old greystone town and wondered when my feet would warm again, then I looked down the steps and there they were, two little metalic reminders of home!

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