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All tied up…

A section of a tug boat on the Tamar river makes an interesting still life. Captured on HP5 film scanned on a PlusTek and processed in On1.


Ropeable geometry

Its a thing that Paul Cazanne uttered a few times ‘treat nature by means of the cylinder, the sphere, the cone’ Its one of the quotes that my art history lecturers used in describing aspects of Cazannes work and for some reason it struck a cord with me at the time and remaind as a key to looking at all imagery not just paintings. It certainly assisted my path through learning drawing to the point where at one point where all my drawings became geometrical. it certainly influanced Piccasso and Georges Braque as well who came before me. Its almost a universal truth that I have adopted and I see in almost everything. Its something that delights me when I see this underlying geometry no mater how mundane subject …

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Hardest and softest

Hardest and softest

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Still life by the beach – Bay of fires


Still life by the beach Bay of Fires, near St Helens Tasmania

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Deserted Crocks

deserted crocks

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Lichen & Casuarina

Lichen & Casurina

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On the edge of a geometric pavement…

On the edge of a geometric pavement

On the edge of a geometric pavement at the Tessellated pavement ‘Beach’ Eagle Neck Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia.

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