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Thinking about buying some chooks to help keep pests down in our small orchard, slugs, coddling moth larvae and the like, hopefully we will also be able to collect a few eggs! So what better than to visit a chook show in the lovely town of Longford and competition just to talk to people and learn what breeds are best for our purpose. Ther were on show some very fine and well cared for fowl on display…

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So tired of waiting for you… Bit kinky!

So-tired-of-waiting-for-you a bit kinky eh!
I found this little fella sat on a park bench and as I passed I heard fainty strains of a 1960’s pop tunes drifting on the wind from somewhere above. Sadly I had no connection when this was due to be uploaded!

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Meet Terry the turkey…

Terry the gobbler or Tom turkey
Olympus EM1
This is Terry the turkey while he looks like a mean and nasty fella but nothing could be further from the truth he follows his human ‘friends’¬†around making aggreable grunts he even likes to be stroked every so often. The rest of the time he keeps his hareem of eight females in check by shepherding them in the direction he thinks they should go.

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Contented Sussex chook…

Contented Sussex chook

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