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Another crushing experience…

Another crushing experience

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Put a sock in it KFC

Put a sock in it KFCA found still life a small KFC paper cup and a discarded sock!

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Meet Terry the turkey…

Terry the gobbler or Tom turkey
Olympus EM1
This is Terry the turkey while he looks like a mean and nasty fella but nothing could be further from the truth he follows his human ‘friends’ around making aggreable grunts he even likes to be stroked every so often. The rest of the time he keeps his hareem of eight females in check by shepherding them in the direction he thinks they should go.

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Pak Choi in flower…

Vedgetables in flower the pretty little Pak choi

Olympus EM-1 OMD ƒ/9 1/5s ISO640 60mm Macro lens

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Coriander just waiting for some pumpkin soup…

Coriander waiting for some pumpkin soup!

Olympus E-M1 OMD composite ƒ16 ISO200

Coriander is just about the easiest thing to grow in anything I once had a pair of old gumboots (wellies) so I filed them full of soil and planted some coriander seeds three weeks late four plants in each boot…

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Kiwi halves …


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Kiwi quarters…

Kiwi quarters


I like photographing fruit when season and kiwi fruit are visually interesting this year I wanted to try something other than the obvious kiwi cut in half so they were quartered! It also offered the chance to try the DP2 with the close up lens at f2/8 I also just read a post on Serious Compacts that suggests that the Sigma DP2 can be used successfully at high-er  ISO’s in Monochrome I will certainly have to give that a try it may have more uses than I previously thought

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I made a Pizza …

I made a pizza, Pizza-da-Michael



Chong fan, that soft, light, white, delicate tender flesh like pastry, Mmmm…

chong fan soft white rice flour flesh !!!!
Chong fan, imortalized by Paul Simon. Chong fan that soft, light, white, delicate, porcelain flesh like pastry, Mmmm… its sensuous its food and warm love combined. The first time I tasted it I fell in love with chong fan and the girl that gave it to me. Dim sum the most delicate and tantalising titbits that cantonese cuisine has to offer, there is nothing and I really mean nothing like it Taken and eaten at The Grand Asia restaurant in the Carlton Hotel Singapore… Mmmm

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First feed in Singapore …

First feed in Singapore.

Visiting family is always a joy in Singapore and for my nearest and dearest this also means a good feed and I would venture to say there is more food variety in Singapore than any place on the planet that I have visited.

Singapore is a cross roads of cultures that thanks to government wisdom and foresight live in harmony together. In all of the forty years that yours truly has been visiting Singapore I don’t ever once recall an incident of animosity between any of the cultural groups that involved food or anything else for that matter.

Which is more than can be said for our Australian brethren who of late have resorted the most infantile sort of cat calling across the playing field. Here in Singapore the once under privileged of multiple racial groups have been guided into education at every level. The opportunity for good, better than basic housing exists for everyone. There is a good solid public health system and a transportation system that moves literally millions of people per day.

But its the food that brings all the people together in one way or another. There is always some detail or ingredient that can be borrowed from another culture and re interpreted in another style or cuisine. For instance forty years ago there was absolutely no influence of Japanese food or its presentation, now it can be seen in many dishes from different cultures. If there is such a thing as cultural fusion it certainly exists in Singapore and the populous revel in the happiness it creates especially when it comes to food.

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