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Purple Hakea

Purple Hakea with very prickly leaves

Olympus EM1 OMD ƒ/5.6 1/5s ISO200 Olympus 60mm Macro


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Coriander just waiting for some pumpkin soup…

Coriander waiting for some pumpkin soup!

Olympus E-M1 OMD composite ƒ16 ISO200

Coriander is just about the easiest thing to grow in anything I once had a pair of old gumboots (wellies) so I filed them full of soil and planted some coriander seeds three weeks late four plants in each boot…

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A Japanese Garden in the West Australian Bush!

A Japanese Garden in the West Australian Bush!


Canon 5D ƒ11 1/60s ISO 100 Voigtlander 40mm lens

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Garlic for the garden…

Garlic for the garden

Olympus OMD ƒ/16 3s ISO200 Canon 50mm Macro

I always try to get some garlic growing in my veggie garden. This year we have had enough rain to really soak the ground so garlic and potatoes should do well, in Western Australia its not always the case!

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Contemporary urban garden…

An urban garden in IRCanon 5D converted to 720 Nm IR

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Path to a clearing…

A path to a clearing in the Jarrah forest

Sigma DP2 Merrill Mono ƒ/8 1/25s ISO100

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A walk in perhaps the largest 'indoor' gardens on the planet…

A walk in perhaps the largest 'indoor' gardens on the planet


Leica M9 f9.5 1/350s ISO100 Voigtlander 35mm

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The Montgolfier brothers float into the matrix…

The Montgolfier brothers float into the matrix


Olympus E-M5 OMD ƒ5.6 1/640s ISO200 Lumix 14-42 pancake zoom

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Two cameras compared – is this a fair comparison …

Below are two images of the pots in the garden test arrangement. The focus point is the black manganese spot on the light coloured vase. The photos were shot almost five months apart two different cameras one a Leica type 240 with the latest manifestation of the 35 mm ƒ2 Summicron one of the most revered lenses ever made.  The other camera is a Sigma DP2 Merrill which has a ƒ2.8 30mm lens on a crop sensor which makes it 43mm. Both images were shot on cloudy days although as I recall the day the Leica shot was captured in March was a bit of a mixture of broken cloud and sunny periods so there is a bit of difference there. Its a little unfair because one is in portrait orientation and it looks like there is about a metre difference between the camera and subject in one of the photographs, but hey, this was not intended to be a very accurate measured scientific comparison it came together almost by accident . It was a just a curious mind board with waiting for a delivery of a new long over due Leica. I needed a camera that offered really good image quality in a small package and the Leica was no where to be had, fine wines also take time!

When I first compared these two pics quite honestly for the few seconds before I checked the file name I really did not know which one was the Leica image, that has never happened before. Its not obvious can you tell which is which? When the opportunity comes around I will do this again and be scientific about it… A few 100% crops will follow

Camera one what is it?

But which camera is it Sigma or Leica?



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Tropical clearing in Singapore …

Tropical clearing in Singapore


Despite the fact that Singapore is perhaps one of the densest cities on the planet there are still a few tropical garden areas where original tropical vegetation has been re established to give some semblance of what was before the British subdevided the island in the nineteenth century. To their credit the poms in typical English style did establish a series of parkland areas which in some areas the original plantings and buildings still remain. The Singaporean authorities have added to and built on this legacy to great effect. Its always pleasure to visit their gardens and see what has changed or grown up…

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