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On the edge of a geometric pavement…

On the edge of a geometric pavement

On the edge of a geometric pavement at the Tessellated pavement ‘Beach’ Eagle Neck Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia.

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Morgan – the definitive English sports car…


OOH that rad so simple Want one

Morgan English sports car



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Secondary growth in the Jarrah Forest…

Secondary growth in the Jarrah Forest
Sigma DP2 in mono ƒ8 1/25s ISO100

Forest series

I have been thinking a lot recently about monochrome and how I can get the results I would like in this forest series. I would like to achieve the the look of some of the orthochromatic films that I enjoyed looking at years ago.  I haven’t tried the mono only setting on the DP2 Merrill since the last firmware upgrade. And while I don’t remember reading anything about any improvements via the firmware it looks like there could have been some improvements through that or in the last update of Iridient raw converter. Which as it happens is to my knowledge the only converter other than SigmaPhotoPro that will handle DP2 files. Every time I use this camera I am just knocked out by its files qualities.


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Sculpture by the sea… 2014

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe Western Australia

Richie Kuhaupt (WA), norfolk pine, cottesloe 2014
Sigma DP2 Merrill ƒ/6.3 1/250s ISO200

This is an exhibit in the annual Sculpture by the sea which is shown on Cottesloe, and Bondi beaches in Australia and Aarhus beach in Denmark. Its a great thing to visit and take photographs of.
Cottesloe beach has a wonderful ambiance for Sculpture by the sea and for once the temperature was a pleasant thirty degrees, in years past it has been very hot so much so that one has to continually wipe the sweat off glasses, cameras and forehead.
The background sound of the light waves hitting the shore, children’s calls and chatting adults was shattered by the roar of an Orion maritime rescue aircraft returning from that area of the southern Indian ocean 2500 km away where the missing Malaysian airliner MH 370 might be.
Many of the exhibits and installations are made or constructed of the flotsam and trash that can be found on any beach walk: Plastic milk containers, wine cask bladders, plastic bags, PET drink bottles and in this case the ubiquitous blue pallets stacked and chain sawn into a head and shoulders with a Norfolk pine planted where the lack of brains are. Its a poignant statement. The gaze out to sea, the tree, all made from the remains of pallets painted as blue as the sea and sky from whence they came, then the more practical aspect of a bit of shade for the reclining girl to read her smart phone in. Just another day in Western Australia.


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