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DTS? apparently very good!

DTS Swiss apparently very good

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A little autumnal gold…

A little autumnal gold

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Frost fungus and lichen…

frost fungus and lichen

The morning before the longest and frostiest day of the year. The frost really lay heavy on the ground on this morning and was unlike any frost that yours truly has seen in many a long year.

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A tiny mushroom growing on an apricot tree…

Tiny chocolate mushroom growing in a creavis of an apricot tree


I found this tiny mushroom growing in a crevice in the bark of an old apricot tree.
We are fortunate in that the house that we recently moved into has a few fruit trees, all of them old and needing work plus a few seasons pruning to get them back to producing quality fruit. There were lots of apples on the Granny Smith tree. Many had a lot of scab but those that were salvageable were as sweet as I have tasted from a Granny Smith. The Lemon is in terrible condition I think the only thing holding it up is the ivy which is slowly strangling it to death. Even so the fruit is good and again remarkably sweet. I think it might be a Myer lemon they have a propensity to be less acidic. There are three other fruit trees my neighbour thinks one is a green plum and the other two look like cherries or cherry plumbs. Lastly there is this apricot the real estate agent, the previous owner and the neighbour all agree that the apricots are ‘really good’ and the tree is a heavy barer so much so that one year while the house was empty the fruit were picked and sold with lots left over for jam! Well, we will just have to wait and see until next spring.

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Just a second… Its all about time!

Just a second clock mechanismOlympus E-M5 OMD ƒ9 1/5 ISO200 Lumix G 14-42
I found some clock mechanisms that have been lying around for quite a few years from a previous life. It seemed like a good opportunity to attempt to make a photograph to illustrate time and a double exposure was the first thing that came to mind. Time the illusive thing that we all seem to be short of there are a few more shots based on this theme to come it just takes time!

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Flutterby on bicycle… Sounds like a victorian seaside resort!

Flutter by on bicycle - Sounds like a victorian seaside resort!

Persimmons with accent …

Persimmons with accent

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Six by six persimmons


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Persimmons on a salmon plate …

Persimmons on a salmon coloured plate

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Four roses…

A four rose still life

Lumix G3 f4 1/10s ISO 160 LEICA DG SUMMILUX 25/F1.4

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