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A street tree with Albert Hall…

A street tree with Albert Hall...

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Scary beer…

Scary beer

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NAILED graffiti in Mount Lawley…

NAILED graffiti in Mount Lawley

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Midland railway workshops entrance…

Midland railway workshops entrance

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Number 61

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Plasma cut metal as public street art…

Plasma cut metal as public street art


If one looks carefully at the wall on the right each brick was impressed with a name of one of the workers who worked in the Midland railway workshops. What would these men who worked the metal of the steam engines made of the plasma cut effigy that now supports the wall with their names on it?

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Machine parts fountain…

Machine parts fountain

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Off to work – well once upon a time, getting political…

Off to work - well once upon a time


Having started my life’s work  initially in a dairy bottling milk and then in an assortment of factories and machine shops I have an understanding of what it is to see a raw material enter at one end of a factory and leave as a finished product. Many working people take pride in those things that they make and produce but in Western Australia like so many places in the developed world this occures less and less. Midland as a town at one time produced steam engines carriages and rolling stock.This is not the case any longer the closest it comes to manufacture is to mount imported electric railcars on their bogies or wheels to those who haven’t had any interest in trains.

Mostly Liberal politicians killed off this industry because they could see no profit or pride in producing transportation equipment. What we have left are a collection of early twentieth century buildings that fortunately do have a future life. The ghosts of the thousands of workers that once built the trains still lurk as names on bricks and are represented as street art…

At another level

Abbott is going to cut the NBN to shreds



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First feed in Singapore …

First feed in Singapore.

Visiting family is always a joy in Singapore and for my nearest and dearest this also means a good feed and I would venture to say there is more food variety in Singapore than any place on the planet that I have visited.

Singapore is a cross roads of cultures that thanks to government wisdom and foresight live in harmony together. In all of the forty years that yours truly has been visiting Singapore I don’t ever once recall an incident of animosity between any of the cultural groups that involved food or anything else for that matter.

Which is more than can be said for our Australian brethren who of late have resorted the most infantile sort of cat calling across the playing field. Here in Singapore the once under privileged of multiple racial groups have been guided into education at every level. The opportunity for good, better than basic housing exists for everyone. There is a good solid public health system and a transportation system that moves literally millions of people per day.

But its the food that brings all the people together in one way or another. There is always some detail or ingredient that can be borrowed from another culture and re interpreted in another style or cuisine. For instance forty years ago there was absolutely no influence of Japanese food or its presentation, now it can be seen in many dishes from different cultures. If there is such a thing as cultural fusion it certainly exists in Singapore and the populous revel in the happiness it creates especially when it comes to food.

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ANZAC day 2013 …

ANZAC 2013 I wonder if Winston Churchill ever attended an ANZAC parade?
The more I read history the more I am convinced that it seems it is impossible for so called civilized human beings to learn from it and not repeat the mistakes of the past. It is accepted that through the ANZAC’s actions Australia and New Zealand came of age as nations for their bravery on the beaches of Gallipoli. It is less well known that it was Winston Churchill then a member of a Liberal government and as  the first Lord of the Admiralty that put them there. All the soldiers of the British and Commonwealth forces were sent into battle ill equipped for the climate and terrain and when as it was inevitable that the casualties mounted there were no hospital ships to remove and care for them. Despite the fact that Britain had the largest passenger and merchant fleet in the world. Yes, Churchill was fired for his terrible decision which incurred the loss over 10,000 men and 33,500 maimed and injured ANZAC troops. But I wonder if he ever attended an ANZAC day service.

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