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Four Dollars : Street tree series continued

Four Dollars : street tree series continued...
Leica M2 ƒ11 1/250s 40mm Summicron Agfa 100 ultra C41 developed as B+W 1:50 Rodinal 10 minutes finished in Silver Effex.

I think this is a Queensland Box tree which unusually has been left intact. Generally in this part of the world if a tree grows its fair game to be hacked and butchered into something that does not resemble a naturally grown tree at all. This tree provides deep shade for the front of the house and garden which is something Western Australian natives often fail to do. It always seems that where trees that provide good shade are needed the WA natives are planted and along roads where there is no parking there always seem to be good shade trees. A deceased good friend of mine was  keen observer of such conundrums, Harry called it Sods law and in such cases a sod it is!

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I'm following you…

I'm following you

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Diagonal Tennis

Diagonal tennis

Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ8 1/640s OLYMPUS M.75-300mm F4.8-6.7 II

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Street trees with attitude…

Street trees with attitude

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Midland railway workshops entrance…

Midland railway workshops entrance

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A new Perth Transit train…

A new Perth Transit train

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Big wheels …

Big wheels keep on turning



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Many planes and sliced boxes …

Many planes of architecture at street level
After yesterdays post I got to thinking about this subject of planes or angular surfaces. This photo taken a little further down Murray Street from yesterdays image. It goes way beyond the simple  rectangular box with a cylinder on top at one corner. This one is far more complicated I see this as slices of boxes all stacked together with some slices protruding beyond the planes of the box surfaces.


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Plane tree with post box in Perth

Plane Tree with postbox in Perth

I have photographed this plane tree next to the post box in Perth in the past and thats quite enough alliteration with P for this post at the present. Uh uh, I like the way the planes come together in this view the pavement against the post box and the curve of the second storey facing the late afternoon sun.
The previous image shot a few years ago was cropped more for even more simplification of the whole. I would like to think the aphorism “less is more” would apply but I don’t think it does in this instance because the previous image has the element of colour added.

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Forrest Chase on a Saturday afternoon …

Forrest Chase looking east all on a Saturday afternoon

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