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Urban Albrizia tree in focus

Urban Albrizia tree in focus
lympus EM-5 OMD ƒ/9 1/800s ISO400 Lumix 14-42mm G zoom

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At the end of the world…

The end of the world
Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ/9 1/400s ISO 400 Olympus 75-300mm

There are times when I really like using a telephoto lens. I like the way one can compress and capture a narrow field of view. This is another of Olympus’s mini masterpieces razor sharp and beautifully rendered colour and as to be expected zero distortion. I’m just praying for a bit of spare time to take a trip to the coast to photograph some sea birds and some waves with this lens for a day or so…

As many may know Perth is the most isolated city on the planet. With the mineral resources boom that the state of Western Australia has undergone over the last seven or eight years there have been lots of corresponding imports imports of goods. The commodities leave the state in bulk carriers as a result these containers are for the most part one way shipments and they are piling up. There are at least three huge sites scattered around Perth and Fremantle where all these containers are stacked up at least six high. Its crossed my mind on the many occasions when I have driven past these piles that here is a resource. The world is accommodation poor and there are numerous architects and designers who have designed beautiful modern low cost dwellings but nothing ever comes of these small one off projects. The Shire that I live in even has bylaws limiting the use of sea containers on land that people own. Something to do with tunnel vision and limited taste I suspect. We are at the point where very little is manufactured in Oz anymore here is a resource where the young unemployed could learn the many skills involved with turning thousands of containers into something of lasting use. As I see it, its a triple bottom line and that is the way that any venture has to be considered henceforth.

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Tangerine forest Sky

Tangerine-forest-dreamingPentax 6×7 ƒ11 1/60s @ 400 Ilford XP2 Super ISO 55mm ƒ3.5 Takumar

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The southern fire break at sunset …

The-southern-firebreak-at-sunsetPentax 6×7 ƒ11 1/60s @ 400 Ilford XP2 Super ISO 55mm ƒ3.5 Takumar
I still can’t get over the fact that this is ISO400 film…

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Another day another film …

Another-day-another-filmPentax 6×7 ƒ11 1/60s @ 400 Ilford XP2 Super ISO 55mm ƒ3.5 Takumar

This believe it or not is the first time I have ever used Ilford XP2 as 120 film. I have used the odd roll in 35mm ( or was it XP1 ) and I remember being impressed but most of the work had to be in colour film then so to be honest I really didn’t pay enough attention to how good it really is. A  few years later I went completely digital so it didn’t get a look in anyhow. I do remember reading a piece by Roger Hicks where he praised the film and he also uses mostly 35mm I believe, that was in the late eighties. Anyway this film is really good and it gives me a reason to use the old Pentax and Yashica’s more often. The only problem is I have to drive 35km to get 120 processed.

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Urban tree

Urban tree, city tree in Midland Western AustraliaSigma DP2 Merrill ƒ11 1/1000s

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Waltzing seedpods…

Waltzing seedpods

Olympus EM-5 OMD f22 1.3s ISO100 60mm Macro lens

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Feeling sorry for Alexander Komarov …

I like cameras but I’m not an absolute GAS gear nut. I don’t go out of the way to collect kit mostly because all the older cameras I like or once used I can’t justify spending the cash on. However I have quite a few books on older cameras that I would never part with, that for me satisfies my curiosity about these mostly wonderful tools of our craft.

I really admire the people who collect and preserve these photographic tools and they should be respected for furthering what now is a craft that has become for the majority an obsolete passion.

Pity then, Alexander Komarov of the Ukraine has been charged with owning obsolete ‘spy cameras’ This in my book is about as unjust and as whacky as it gets. I don’t know Alexander from a bar of soap but he, like me and thousands of others is interested in the art and craft of photography and he collects cameras. The Ukraine has an archaic law that forbids the ownership of a camera that can or could be used as a ‘Spy camera’. One camera in particular that Alexander owns falls into that catagory. It is a Zenit 16 that is now sold by the good people from Lomo as an Ajax-12. And because of this he has fallen fowl of Ukrainian law. Alexander  needs all the help he can get. Send him an email of support and check out these links read the story and act.

Alexander Komarov


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Peruvian Lilies or Alstroemeria a cultivar…

Alstroemeria cultivar


Peruvian Lily or Alstroemeria, a cultivar… This Alstroemeria bloom has suffered a bit with recent rain an cold temperatures.

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Spring is on its way …

Spring is on its way
It might be a couple of months away but this small understory tree is in full spring bloom. One of the problems in W.A. is that most people don’t realize and don’t understand the depth of biodiversity that grows here. Very few of our native plants and shrubs have been commercialized and often those that have been taken overseas or to the eastern states. This small easily managed Acacia species would make a lovely addition to any garden and members of the same family will grow almost anywhere.


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