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Tamar wetlands walk – contra jour

Tamar wetlands walk

Just a short drive down West Tamar Highway there is a gem of a place to visit, its the Tamar Wetlands Sanctuary. Its an easy 4km walk over bridges and along boardwalks. We counted six species of water foul and they seemed to relatively accepting of humans walking through their habitat.

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Last light in Mahogany Creek

Last light in Mahogany Creek a change for the better ?

A few days ago I left Mahogany Creek likely forever. After living in the same place for twenty six years I feel a sense of loss. Living in a forest has been a wonderful experience and a memory which I will treasure till my lifes end. But all good things must come to an end and so it has been with my forest existence but with ends come new beginnings. There are a number of projects that will never be finalised. I’m about three photos short of all the orchids that grow in the area,  two of them never appeared the third was seen but eaten by some creature before I got to photograph it. Likewise with the Stylidium (also known as triggerplants or trigger plants) is a genus of dicotyledonous plants that have the notoriety of being the fastest kinetic plants on the planet. W.A. is particularly rich in this genus. I may be a bit eccentric in todays world but seeing these native plants appear every spring added a perspective to life that was missing almost from the day I left the rural north west of England forty five years ago.

And so now its to Tasmania we are bound a new ecosphere a different climate and another new beginning…

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Tiny florets a second time…

Tiny florets - another day another flower!

Olympus EM1 OMD ƒ/8  5s  60mmMacro lens with extension rings illuminated with Olympus macro lights.

These tiny perfumed florets are 2.5mm across the width of the petals so this image is about 5x life size on yours truly’s monitor. Setting a custom white balance on the EM1 is about as easy as it gets with any camera and a custom white balance is a must when photographing florets with the Olympus macro lights. These lights are set a half power which gives some idea of the lighting power that they are capable of. Flowers photographed with LED’s seem loose a bit of colour saturation.

About eight or ten years ago I made up some LED macro lights when they first became available specifically for photographing small items of jewellery I had two mini banks in clusters of three fixed behind a couple of Stofen flash diffusers it worked quite well until the transformer burnt out. After it happened a second time I gave up on the idea when a couple of the then expensive LED’s fried.  This is fairly common in Western Australia as our power supply tends to be quite dirty. Over the years we have many appliances die prematurely due to power fluctuations…

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Purple Hakea

Purple Hakea with very prickly leaves

Olympus EM1 OMD ƒ/5.6 1/5s ISO200 Olympus 60mm Macro


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Mulla mulla a delicate ground hugging wild flowerLumix G3 f7.1 1/5s ISO400 14-42 x lens

This colourful wild flower is a member of the Amaranth family the sometime garden weed the same family that supplies the nutritional needs of millions (?) of subsistence South American indians. A few years ago it was the top of the pops as a breakfast cereal for a certain sector of the chattering classes…  Here it is a wild flower whose appearance often varies in colour and form to the point where one wonders if two separate plants might be different species. Its flower seems to physically last a long time in the bush. It has a few other names Rose tipped mulla mulla, Pom poms or its latin name Pitilotus mangles. One single plant can have dozens of flowers that radiate out like the spokes of a wheel its an intriguing prostrate wild flower that’s lovely to discover while out on a bush walk.

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Blue Lace Flower

Blue-Lace-FlowerLumix G3 f7.1 1/1000s ISO160 OLYMPUS 60mm F2.8 Macro

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Pimelea rosea, Rose banjine…

Blue Lace Flower a small western Australian shrubLumix G3 f4.5 1/1000s ISO160 OLYMPUS 60mm F2.8 Macro

A delightful small to medium hight shrub that grows exclusively in the wild on the Swan river sand plain in Western Australia. It can be cultivated in gardens and requires very little in the way of watering.

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Shrub like banksia…

Shrub-like-banksiaLumix G3 f5.6 1/50s ISO160

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Verticordia aurea a Western Australian wild flower

VerticordiaLumix G3 f8 1/640ISO160 Olympus 60mm Macro

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Rufus Kangaroo paw

Rufus-Kangaroo-pawLumix G3 f4.5 1/160s ISO200 Olympus 60mm Macro lens

Rufus the kangaroo paw lovely  plant a real blood red which in this case has been quite faithfully reproduced very much helped by a cloudy day and  a bit of PS work. The normal camera setting for red flowers  do not do well on the G3. I must spend some time working on the camera styles specifically for red flowers!

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