Corrugated verandah number 23…

Verandah number 23

Living in a place where every other house has a corrugated steel verandah was a revelation thirty years ago I only had to look up and there was another wonderful abstract graphic. Depending on the age of the building to a greater extent determined the amount of shadow between the corrugations. Zincalum grays with age so the older the steel the less the three dimensionality and the more subtle the pattern. These recreations are square because I photographed them with a very old Yashica Mat that rendered a 6cm x 6cm negative so when translated photos to sketches and ultimately to Freehand and eventually Photoshop I maintained the square format. But the histrionics of the use of the square goes back much further than that. Using a square format camera from boyhood sort of formatted my visual perception of rightness. Square was my normal and it seems to be a common trait in humans that normal feels comfortable so I just kept on using it! Sadly, I didn’t graduate to a Hasellblad

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