Four roses as a still life…

Lumix G3 f1.4 1/10s ISO160 Summilux 25mm

Since the time I was in Art School I have always had something of a passion for still life be it drawing, painting or photography. I spent hours gazing at Dutch still life’s at the National Gallery in London and at the Manchester City Gallery. I was gob smacked the first time a few of Giorgio Morandi’s bottles next to each other . But alas, I seldom seem to have the time to spend time adjusting lights and moving the subjects a millimetre at a time to get things just right. Today I had to dead head the roses and as inevitably happens a few not so dead heads get lopped so I had my subject and as luck would have it half an hour of so to play .  I must find time to get the Pentax 6X7 out and use up some of the film in the freezer next time…

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