Jarrah tree canopy

Jarrah trees in the distance

Sorry I have not posted much over the  last few weeks but hopefully because of the absence I will be more productive in the future.

Between many years of crawling around on the ground for macro photographs, proofing in printing factories, potteries, building studios, houses, furniture etc etc my right knee finally and very painfully collapsed and was totally replaced last week. I now have almost full movement in my R knee and leg which I haven’t had for a long while at least without considerable pain. Apparently all will be even better in six weeks. I’m the eternal optimist, having made a lively hood out of the applied arts one has to be!!!!

Obviously a camera could not accompany me and to be honest I was in no fit condition to treat the experience as an assignment eighty percent of the time. They ain’t to generous with morphine these days (a puritan ethic is creeping in?) and by heck I really needed the stuff at times. The whole exercise was an extremely painful series of events both leading up to and following. The staples came out on thursday which for this hobbler was some relief from incessant itching. Rather than killing pain the medication they currently use works on the pain centres in the brain which sort kills the awareness of pain but also dulls the awareness of everything else as well. Reading is out of the question, one sort of falls to sleep every few sentences.
Before I went into hospital I sent an EM5 off to be converted into full spectrum infrared. Meaning that one has to use IR filters on the lenses to make infrared images. The advantage is that filters from 500nm right up to 900nm can be used on the camera as well as UV filters which for any one interested in flora, insects and even birds holds some exciting possibilities. I have always liked IR for architecture and garden work but shooting and developing IR on film is a pain in the bum.
If one can find the right cut filter the camera can function as it did prior to conversion they are not readily available  and often not cheap I have a few alerts set up on eBay if any turn up just to try on out!
But I digress the full spectrum EM-5 arrived a few days ago and while my movement is a bit limited at the moment I have managed a few shots from the verandah. I have only trialed two lenses thus far, the little Lumix G pancake zoom and the 75-300. First impressions were a little mixed a few of the first images were a bit noisey but the ISO’s were perhaps on the high side and I haven’t seen much sun when I needed it! IR can be shot without seeing almost any black shadows in full sun ideal for W.A. under normal circumstances, but heck we still need more rain so I’m not complaining.

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