MS Optical 35mm Lens on an Olympus EM-5

Olympus EM5 with MS Optical 35mm

Olympus EM-5 with a 35mm MS Optical lens mounted

The Parar lenses made by a Mr Miyazaki of MS optical in Chiba Japan. At least with this one and the earlier offerings are a commendable Japanese attempt to return to the original lenses that photographers had available to them in the early part of the 20th century. It probably comes as a surprise to many of todays photographers that there have actually been very few major developments in lens design in the last sixty years or so and even then they can be counted on one hand. The main ones being Aspherical lenses and ‘nano’ lens coatings. Granted materials and production techniques have improved no end but basic design not much. The super triplet is one that I am quite proud to own and are based on a British design that dates from 1893. It is still made today for cine and large format lenses by the same company. They were Ansel Adams favourite lenses and have been used by likes of Rollei  Voigtlander and many others. Its a design that produces incredible clarity and sharpness in the MS optical manifestation and worth every cent if you can lay you hands on one. I used this one mostly on my M9 before it was stolen by a pair of our local abo miscreants. The other ‘ancient’ lens I am extremely fond of is the Zeiss Tessar I have a 2.8 50mm that dates from my school days. At some point I would like to lay my hands on a 28mm and a 35mm. they also made a few telephotos 75mm and I believe a 135mm but I have never seen one of those…

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