The Barcelona Pavilion… Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.









Canon f9 1/160s ISO200 EF24-105L IS

This is a set of photos of the Barcelona Pavilion designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe built in 1928 and demolished in 1930 but reconstructed in 1959. At age 16 as a first year arts student when this I first saw plans and photos of this building it was a total revelation. Up until that time I had no idea that a mere building could be so elegant, so simple. I had been exposed to and had visited examples of most periods of British architecture from stonehenge to the recently consecrated cathedrals Liverpool in 1960 and Coventry in 1962 but nothing like Mies’s gem. There are many wonderful and beautiful buildings in the world both large and small but at the small end of the scale this is perfection and one of the most memorable sets of photos I have had the privilege to shoot.

Garden gate near Parc Guell Barcelona

Canon 5D f11 1/30s ISO200 EF24-105L IS

This unusual, almost eccentric garden gate separated a private garden from a path to an equally eccentric, make that fantastic public park designed by Antonio Gaudi. It was a wonderful thing that Goudi was allowed to let the product his imagination become reality. Some of the constructions are like drawings drawn in concrete and stone. Everyone who appreciates human created outdoor space should experience this park…

Steps to a grotto in the Maze garden of Horta, Barcelona.

Canon 5D f4 1/125s EF 24=105 IS ISO200

The sculpture in the grotto is of the nymph Egeria of whom Byron wrote;
Egeria! sweet creation of some heart
Which found no mortal resting-place so fair
As thine ideal breast; whate’er thou art
Or wert, — a young Aurora of the air,
The nympholepsy of some fond despair;
Or, it might be, a beauty of the earth,
Who found a more than common votary there
Too much adoring; whatsoe’er thy birth,
Thou wert a beautiful thought, and softly bodied forth.

Canon 5D f5.6 1/100s ISO200 EF24-105L IS

Tis a funny thing all the statues in this wonderful park have their noses damaged! Every darned conk in the park is dinged, damaged, nothing else just the  noses… very strange.

Broughton Tower… Grand steps

Canon 5D No exif data

Brougton Tower dates from the eleventh century and was added to from time to time over the next eight hundred years. Most recently the whole building was divided up turned into apartments. In the nineteen fifties it was a school that I was fortunate enough to attend. Gardening botany and long country walks were an unusual part of the curriculum that have never been forgotten!

Side Steps… A cottage in Broughton in Furness

Canon S70
Architectural details have long fascinated me windows, door ways, finials, architraves and this case the theme of steps, which has continued for some time now. Wherever I travel I record these things as I see them, at one point I had it in mind to produce a series drawings from the hundred photos taken but now as I look over them and decide which appeal to me most I feel that they have taken on a significance of their own. It is a case of the ordinary becoming  extraordinary!