Solar panels in Kings Medows…


The owner of Tasmanian Chainsaws and Mowers in Launceston has a lot of common sense and solar panels. With the main power link to the mainland broken solar will be helping out Tas Hydro and all Tasmanians in times of disruption.
Western Australia now has the notoriety of being in the position where more Roof Top Solar power is generated than comes from power generating stations! As a result the WA government is loosing revenue and guess what, Barnett the premier doesn’t like it, so home owners are actually being penalised for having RTS. Further Barnett the silly has allowed Synergy the states power company to re-write the regulations to actively discourage folks from using RTS.
A good friend of mine has 2.4 Kw on his roof and wants increase to 5kw  but he is not allowed because his new panels will be a different COLOUR from the originals. Now how stupid is that!  This is how far petty pea brained politicians will go to make common sense installation of alternate energy difficult in the sad state of W.A. Its not what one would call a liberal attitude. Protection of coal royalties and generators aside Barnetts actions to discourage roof top solar is just not in the interest of Western Australians or any other Australian for that matter…

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