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Art Science museum Singapore…


Lumix G3 ƒ6.3 1/320 ISO160

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Art, high and low…

Art, high and low..


Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ5.6 1/640s ISO200 Lumix 14-42 Pancake zoom.

Graffiti art in Singapore is just like the City State as a whole, clean, precise and to the point…

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Keld Moseholm Rolling Pin or the oppression…

Keld-Moseholm Rolling pin or The oppression
This is a a very clever piece by Keld Moseholm as soon as I saw this I thought very literally all the oppressed of this world because what this artist has portrayed is exactly that, physical oppression. Its too obvious call me simple but there is a time for being blatant and with all that is happening and the oppression in the world to so many of our fellow humans and even more so to all the other species that are being striped of their lives and environments. This sculpture tells it as it is and sometimes Art does this better than all of the news reports combined. If this post has made you think please consider donating to redapes.org The Orang-utans of Sumatra and Borneo are almost extinct in the case of Sumatra it is possible that there are less than 500 Orang-utans left in the wild where once there were thousands. Genetically they are our closest relative and some sources say we as humans share 97% of our genetic makeup with the red ape, they are wonderful gentle creatures so please if you can donate to this cause

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