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Artichokes in the Dutch style

Artichokes in the Dutch style

Today I got the chance to get in to the garden to clean up and make some mulch to help the plants and trees survive another hot summer in seven months time. In the pile of garden refuse I found these two artichokes that bolted before they had chance to be cut. Perfect subjects for a still life…

I have always enjoyed looking at paintings and in particular those still life works of the Dutch Utrecht School of the first half of the seventeenth century and the Dutch flower paintings of the second half. The Names of Heda, Kalf and Jan Van Huysum are not well known to those who have not studied art history but their paintings are. I have seen any number of them printed on greetings cards!

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Who-me, I’m just a caterpillar

A caterpiller who chews holes through artichoke leaves uck!Lumix G3 f5.6 1/15s ISO400 Olympus 60mm Macro

As a web image I’m happy with this but if  a higher ISO had been used I suspect that detail in the head of this caterpillar pest would be gone. This little pest was about 30mm long and roughly 4mm in its girth its eaten through an artichoke leaf. Those things are as tough as old boots. I have no idea what he is or what he may pupate into so I didn’t squash him the way I would  to a cabbage white so I just moved him to an area of the garden where whatever he wants to eat his way through won’t matter. How things change fifty years ago my gardening grandmother would have squashed everything in her garden that moved except ladybirds she liked the colour of those!

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