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Secondary growth in the Jarrah Forest…

Secondary growth in the Jarrah Forest
Sigma DP2 in mono ƒ8 1/25s ISO100

Forest series

I have been thinking a lot recently about monochrome and how I can get the results I would like in this forest series. I would like to achieve the the look of some of the orthochromatic films that I enjoyed looking at years ago.  I haven’t tried the mono only setting on the DP2 Merrill since the last firmware upgrade. And while I don’t remember reading anything about any improvements via the firmware it looks like there could have been some improvements through that or in the last update of Iridient raw converter. Which as it happens is to my knowledge the only converter other than SigmaPhotoPro that will handle DP2 files. Every time I use this camera I am just knocked out by its files qualities.


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Red Tail Black Cockatoos …

Endangered species and some clueless people still shoot them!Lumix G3 f6.7 1/10s ISO400 Olympus 75-300mm

These Red Tail Black Cockatoos are truly the masters of the tall timbers around my house their diet consists mostly of the tiny seeds in the centre of gum nut. They only ever come down to the ground to drink and bathe. Cockatoos are declining in numbers due mostly to humans and predators that raid their nests in hollow tree trunks. The human factor is mostly through land clearing but they are also irresponsibly prized as cage birds so therefore their eggs are stolen then hatched in incubators. In captivity the are fed commercial bird seed which is not their natural diet as a result from what I have seen they do not fare well. They are a large bird  but very timid. There have even been instances even in the recent past where these magnificent birds and their two immediate relatives the White tail and the Carnarby cockatoos have been shot by farmers. Which is the most savage act of pure bastardry imaginable because in reality they do very little harm to crops unlike their all white cousins the Corella that can savage grain nut and fruit crops.

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Keizo Ushio Black Granite carving with Sea Gull …

Keizo-Ushio-Black-Granite carving
Keizo Ushio Black Granite carving.

I don’t mean any disrespect to the sculptor by including the seagull perched on the top of the sculpture, but I  think by leaving it in it gives a sense of the scale of this work, its massive moving it to the exhibition from Japan would have been a major undertaking in itself. Granite is tough but it is also brittle, one false move and… I hate to think of the consequences. I really like the way that the IR brings out the detail much of which would not be seen as clearly in colour.  The more I use this little Voigtlander 40mm lens the more I like it, Its far better for me than the f2.8 24-70mm zoom which is now for sale on Gumtree…

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Swan, I got my eye on you and more on infrared…

Got my eyes on you,you got dimples in yer jaw...

Canon 5D f7 1/320s ISO100 EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM

These black swans are as bold as they come I went down on one knee  to get to eye level and this (I think) female swan was determined to inspect the camera. I also think it was a female because it was smaller than its mate who seemed a little more timid as it happens.

It is only comparatively recently that I have had chance to really experiment with digital Infra red even though I had the camera converted a few years ago. I had it converted to the 720nm standard which is the same as the HoyaR72 or Kodak Wratten 89B. The reason I went this way is because my main want is a broad monochrome effect as opposed to colour  IR   So far I feel that the critical thing in shooting monochrome is to establish an acurate custom white balance I did these first images by taking the WB from the rather brown ground cover the second time I went out I used and expo disk which gave a better tonal range at the raw conversion point.
Its is also very easy to over sharpen in infra red and at the moment I think it is best done last. I feel that this shot is a bit over sharpened as can be seen in the areas of high contrast.
I have used several methods of conversion to black and white I don’t like the feel of convert to grayscale in raw or when once opened in Photoshop . Channel mixing is not bad and better than the B&W filters but the best is NIK’s Silver effects Pro so far. I have yet to do any critical comparisons using desaturation or channel elimination. Later later…

I have done a few HDR both from multiple and single frames and some of the results are exciting especially in combination with SIlver effects, more about those tomorrow…


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Black swan at Lake Monger

Black swan at Lake Monger

Canon 5d Mk1 f7 1/60s ISO100 EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM

This Black swan at Lake Monger created some problems the last time I tried to photograph one but they only seem to be active in the day time when the sun is high. Being black the built in exposure meter has a tough time with the extremes of light and shade. Centre weighting gets the swan but leaves everything else blown out. So another solution is infrared and add a bit of toneal mapping and I think this works quite well.


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A black granite entrance.

Canon 5D f4,0 1/60s ISO200 EF24-105l IS

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