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Western firebreak at midday

Western firebreak at midday

Canon 5D Voigtlander 40mm  ƒ/11 1/50s ISO 160

I have lived in this forest for twenty five years and it never ceases to surprise me with its ever changing beauty. A tree may grow in one direction to fill a gap in the canopy and the next summer one sees a dappled pool of light where none has been seen before. It might well be one of the slowest growing of forests on the planet the native grass trees and Zamia palms seldom grow any more than a centimetre a year but slow growth does not stop it being quite dynamic in many subtle ways. The pioneer plants that grow along the firebreaks blowins from the paddock next door add some exotic colour at this time of year.

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Another forest on the way home…

Another forest-on-the-way-home

Rollei Giro 70 Agfa Ultra ISO 100.

It was almost dark when I stopped by another part of the darling scarp forest just to watch the last light of the day fade into night. Looking towards the light the greens and purple greys were quite visible but I wasn’t expecting this.

Agfa Ultra has the facility to produce often quite wildly saturated colour at times but this was after the sun had set behind the hectares of forest to the west. It was corrected mostly in RAW as a tiff file straight out of the scanner. Then a bit of posterizing through simplify and much to my surprize an image more like an illustration…

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Marri stump…

Marri stump

Leica M2 35mm MS optical Perar Agfa APX 100

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The forest garden is like having a cathedral in the back garden…

My back Forest as a CathedralCanon FTb f8 1/250s 50mm ƒ2.8 macro Kodak HD200 developed as B+W Rodinal 10min  1:50 corrected Silver effects pro.
Some days one walks out of the house into this and its wonderful to be alive!

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Sunset on the southern firebreak…

Sigma DP2 ƒ2.8 1/40s ISO 100

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SE forest track

Expired Fuji NEOPAN film shot on a Yashica Mat shot

Yashica mat f 3.5 1/250s Fuji neopan stand deved 1hr Rodinal 5ml to 500ml

About five years ago we returned from a a month long trip to find that the freezer had died while we were away and judging by the smell of the meat that defrosted it was earlier in the month! Even though all my film was in bags and not hot by any means I think it must have suffered in some way as some films have a greyed look to them.

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And the forest sweltered

And the forest sweltered


Olympus EM-5 OMD f16 1/6s ISO200 Rokinon Fisheye lens

And the forest sweltered we had a forty two degree day last week Gawd, it was hot especially when the humidity started to rise towards the end of the afternoon. And this is just December

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Edge of forest road …

Edge of forest road leading deeper into the forest

Canon 5D f2.8 1/5s Infrared EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM

There are literally hundreds of tracks and paths through the Jarrah forest some that were made as logging tracks a hundred years ago to take the timber out of the forest to the saw mills and ultimately to the port of Fremantle were it was exported to Europe. Other gravel roads have been established as fire breaks and access for fire engines in the event of bush fires. Then there are the small paths made by Kangaroos that browse their way through the understory eating whatever they can find.
On the subject of paths I have recently just finished a wonderful book The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane It is a series of accounts of journeys made on foot and an old open sail boat. Each account examines the history of the paths taken and those people throughout history who also have traversed them it a fascinating read or Audible book – Highly recomended


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Full moon, a rural road with just a hint of a setting sun …

A rural road that runs through the Darling scarp Jarrah forest Canon 5d f2 1/15s ISO400 Voigtlander 40mm

A rural road that runs through the Darling scarp Jarrah forest the moon was up and the  sun was just over the tops of the tree line enough to flash the tops of trees beneath the moon. It was a surprize to see how little sun light is needed to cause IR reflectance that is needed to make the foliage glow. The trees on the right of the photo were in the shade of a very large Marri directly behind me so as a result the foliage is quite dark. Fifteen minutes later (photograph below) the sun was almost entirely gone consequently the ISO was banged up to ISO1250 and the maximum shutter that I could use was reduced to 1/6s hand held but braced against a tree. There is quite a lot of wind blur in the tops of the trees due to the low shutter speed that is to be expected and not unpleasant

Fullmoon rising over the Jarrah Forest on the Darling Scarp

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Moon rising over a forest horse arena dusk infrared …

Moon rising over a forest horse arenaCanon 5D mk1  f6.3 8s ISO 200  24-70 2.8 zoom

When I had the first 5D converted to infrared I did so because the value of the camera was so low it was just a real crime to almost give away a very good camera. In some ways apart from the higher megapixel and ISO performance the mk1 was a better camera than the mk2. Its menu system was faster to access in the field and its noise characteristics were pleasant in a way they the mk2 was a bit well rough. The same was true with the difference between the G3 and the G9 the latter had more features but the G3 had better colour less noise and a better viewfinder I never did get used to the G9 in that regard.

This is something I have wanted to try for quite some time infra red at dusk and even into the first hour of darkness when the light from the moon is horizontal. It comes as a pleasant surprize that there is as much detail as there is and there is a really nice spread of tone. The tops of the trees are laden with tiny flowers same as those shown in closeup a few posts ago but at this distance they cant be seen as flowers just a mass of white.

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