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Peppermint gum in the gorge…

Peppermint Gum a eucalyptus tree in the Cataract Gorge

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Ghost gums at sunset…

Ghost gums at sunset in Mahogany Creek

Sigma DP2 f3.5 1/60s ISO100.

Gum tree leaves are a pain in the back side. If it happens that winter rains arrive late as did happen this year gum trees pile on massive amounts of growth. Then just when the 40 degree heat arrives and with it the associated fire risk these magnificent trees decide to part company and drop as much as 40% of their leaves.

Gum leaves break down into humus the same as any genus of tree leaves except that this process can take a three to five years or even longer as a result they pile up and pile up. Then as the new moon rises the strong winds arrive and guess what those leaves being like little aerofoils blow every where . Then they have to be raked up to avoid being a fire hazard. Most years it is not an unpleasant task but this season the rains were late, the new growth was prodigious, the heat has been long and high and the winds strong. One could say as seems commonly used these days ‘the perfect storm’ …

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Eucalypt wood pile…

Eucalyptus wood pile

Olympus ƒ4.5 1/640 ISO 640 Lumix 14-42 pancake zoom

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Blue sky the Eucalyptus and a Jacaranda …

Blue sky over Jacaranda Infra red ...

Canon 5D f5.6 1/320s ISO100 IR converted EF24-70mm f/2.8L USM

Trees are the ideal subjects for infrared this was shot in the late afternoon so the diagonal shadows on the ground force the eye from one side of the image to the other. The V shape of the Eucalyptus ( unknown) juxtaposed against the round form of the Jacaranda – Jacaranda Mimosifolia form a vertical contrast to the diagonal shadows.

I have a bit of an aversion to toned images, its something to do with my first experiments with chemical toning in a wet dark room as a boy. Which in my case was a converted disused outside toilet it was large enough but it was cold I remember warming the developer on a stinky paraffin stove. Later I got to use the school darkroom  which was infinitely warmer and was large enough to make prints larger than postcard size. I quite like toned infrared…

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Eucalyptus buds…

Eucalyptus-buds Marri about to flowerLumix G3

Eucalyptus buds a tree about to flower in a few days the bees will be happy…

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Eucalypt puddle…

Leica M9 f6 1/60s ISO 320 Voigtlander Nokton 50mm

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Stringy Bark

Olympus PEN EP-2 f4.7 1/15th  ISO 100 converted to monochrome in ACR

Olympus PEN EP-2 f4.7 1/15th  ISO 100

The light was flat and the sky cloudy and we have had some much needed rain as a result there was very little difference between colour and monochrome. I must re shoot this in IR it might be interesting…

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Another gray day…

Canon 5D f5.6 1/20s ISO400 Tamron 200mm

I found a an EOS to Tamron lens adapter to replace the original adaptall II for the Canon FD that I have had for years. I liked this lens when used with film as it is almost a 200mm macro lens, having never owned Canon’s offering for reasons of cost. The Tamron was as I recall less than half the cost of the Canon and half a stop faster. Its my opinion that Tamron have in many instances made macro lenses that are at the very least the equal of the major manufacturers lenses at far less cost, it is also interesting that when they are offered for sale on Ebay they often achieve higher prices than the equivalent Canon. The two shots above appear not to be as crisp as I remember when the lense was used with film, but the colour rendering is very attractive and quite different to the results with film and more like some of the results from older European lenses.

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Horizontal bough

Canon 5D f2.8 1/2000s ISO100 EF24-70 f2.8L

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Shadow on Eucalypt II

Canon 5D f8 1/500s ISO100 EF24-105 f4L IS

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