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The largest everlasting – Helichrysum macranthum…

The largest everlasting - Helichrysum macranthum...
Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ9 1/250s ISO200 OLYMPUS M.12-50mm F3.5-6.3

About Olympus lenses, I absolutely love the diminutive 14-42 Lumix Pancake zoom its the best carry around everywhere zoom lens there is. But as zooms go and as was recently pointed out by Ctein some current zooms are as good as primes. Don’t get me wrong for most work I prefer using a prime and 40mm is my focal length of choice. However the OLYMPUS M.12-50mm F3.5-6.3 is one terrific zoom lens its just a bit big as an every-day-take-it-with-me kind of lens.
The stock standard Canon ƒ2.8 24-70mm zoom and similar spec’ed Nikon are the working photographers basic kit and I used several since the EOS film cameras were first introduced in the late 80’s I know that Canon lens very well. Up until the advent of M4/3 I would have said categorically that there wasn’t a better zoom made but the OLYMPUS M.12-50mm F3.5-6.3 is every bit its equal, for some subjects its better, much better and floral photography is one of these areas. The rendering of the white in the shadows created by the petals above each other is remarkable. In this everlasting image we have one flower in sun and one in slight shade and both are touching, the gradation and subtlety of the rendered tone produced by this lens is such that the light itself is clearly defined even though it is so close, about a third of a stop difference if that. From past experience I don’t believe that the Canon lens on a 5D would have rendered this degree of subtlety this well. Its a small thing in the grand scheme of things but when one sees it as clearly its a very satisfying feeling.

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Everlastings closeup…

Olympus Pen EP-2 f8 1/40s ISO 200 17-42mm lens @ 29mm

Are everlastings everlasting? Well yes more or less but don’t cut these found by a country roadside in Western Australia. All flora in W.A. is threatened one way or another so collect a few seeds if you must, but please don’t cut the flowers. Sow them in your garden then next year save the seeds and pass a few on to your friends…

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Everlasting spring flowers. Rhodanthe chlorocephala

Canon 5D f4 1/800s ISO200 EF24-105mm f4.0L IS

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