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Stepping up on stone steps…

Federation Square steps so many beautiful fired clay colours

Federation Square Steps so much colour full clay
Federation Square Steps  in Melbourne so many colourful stones

Canon 5D f10 1/200s EF28-90 ISO 20
This is perhaps the least expensive lens in my kit, it came free with a EOS 300V (film camera) five years ago I use it as a backup or when I need some film shots. All considered the lens gives a pretty good account of itself. It is tiny by EOS standards and very light, I  don’t know if the lenses are even glass but optically its not bad for the price! On this trip to Melbourne I grabbed it at the last minute as an after thought just to try it with the 5D. While film SLR’s are somewhat out of vogue the EOS 300 series have been a  joy to use and especially good when one is reminded of the fact that the 300V has almost the same spec as the 1989 EOS1 had but not the build…

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