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Six by six persimmons


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Banksia in infrared…

A rare banksia Kings Park Western Australia


In the absence of a normal full colour sensor camera on the weekends I have been looking for ways to use my use of the infrared converted Canon 5D mk1. The only other choice is to return to film which I have no problem with other than a shortage of time to do the development and the scanning. I have a bit of commercial work on this week so I will have the Lumix back for that! In the meantime we paid a visit to Kings Park in Perth today. Many Western Australian plants are very hard and woody so therefore have very strong lineal and textural structures this being the case this is what I have been looking for because it can make for interesting IR images. The other things that can look good in IR is landscape and shadow because all detail is seen unlike with normal mono or colour work were strong shadows for the most part obscure detail. I captured a few images that I am happy with. The first is a member of a wonderful Australian genus the Banksia.

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Grass hopper green…

Grass hopper greenLumix G3 f5.6 1/30s ISO400 LUMIX G VARIO PZ 14-42/F3.5-5.6

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Mulla mulla a delicate ground hugging wild flowerLumix G3 f7.1 1/5s ISO400 14-42 x lens

This colourful wild flower is a member of the Amaranth family the sometime garden weed the same family that supplies the nutritional needs of millions (?) of subsistence South American indians. A few years ago it was the top of the pops as a breakfast cereal for a certain sector of the chattering classes…  Here it is a wild flower whose appearance often varies in colour and form to the point where one wonders if two separate plants might be different species. Its flower seems to physically last a long time in the bush. It has a few other names Rose tipped mulla mulla, Pom poms or its latin name Pitilotus mangles. One single plant can have dozens of flowers that radiate out like the spokes of a wheel its an intriguing prostrate wild flower that’s lovely to discover while out on a bush walk.

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Blue Lace Flower

Blue-Lace-FlowerLumix G3 f7.1 1/1000s ISO160 OLYMPUS 60mm F2.8 Macro

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Pimelea rosea, Rose banjine…

Blue Lace Flower a small western Australian shrubLumix G3 f4.5 1/1000s ISO160 OLYMPUS 60mm F2.8 Macro

A delightful small to medium hight shrub that grows exclusively in the wild on the Swan river sand plain in Western Australia. It can be cultivated in gardens and requires very little in the way of watering.

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Hover wasp on a cactus flower…

Hover-wasp on a one day only cactus flowerLumix G3 f5,6 1/160s ISO160 OLYMPUS 60mm F2.8 Macro

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Xanthorrhoea and the bee…

Xanthorrhoea-and-the-bee theres just so much sweetness aroundLumix G3 f4 1/500s ISO400 OLYMPUS.60mm F2.8 Macro


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Shrub like banksia…

Shrub-like-banksiaLumix G3 f5.6 1/50s ISO160

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Four roses…

A four rose still life

Lumix G3 f4 1/10s ISO 160 LEICA DG SUMMILUX 25/F1.4

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