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Last light in Mahogany Creek

Last light in Mahogany Creek a change for the better ?

A few days ago I left Mahogany Creek likely forever. After living in the same place for twenty six years I feel a sense of loss. Living in a forest has been a wonderful experience and a memory which I will treasure till my lifes end. But all good things must come to an end and so it has been with my forest existence but with ends come new beginnings. There are a number of projects that will never be finalised. I’m about three photos short of all the orchids that grow in the area,  two of them never appeared the third was seen but eaten by some creature before I got to photograph it. Likewise with the Stylidium (also known as triggerplants or trigger plants) is a genus of dicotyledonous plants that have the notoriety of being the fastest kinetic plants on the planet. W.A. is particularly rich in this genus. I may be a bit eccentric in todays world but seeing these native plants appear every spring added a perspective to life that was missing almost from the day I left the rural north west of England forty five years ago.

And so now its to Tasmania we are bound a new ecosphere a different climate and another new beginning…

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Rose Orange Forest…

Orange forest a very smokey sunset

Olympus EM-5 full spectrum converted.

If anyone tries to convince another that total knee replacements are painless its an absolute lie it hurts like hell I’m doing the exercises and tonight I walked a km. The twenty something physio said the more exercise you do the less pain you will have thats a lie to, besides what the heck would she know! Rant over…

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A mushroom on the forest floor at night by iPhone…

Mushroom in the Jarrah Forest

iPhone 5s.  After five years my first iPhone a 3g had just about given up the ghost so now it sits on my kitchen counter as a very hi tech egg timer! This photo is one of the first half dozen and the first one with flash – what a novelty. I’m quite impressed by the new iPhones capabilities but I don’t think it will replace any cameras any time soon just too much DOF for my taste. However that said I have been itching to try some of the current crop of photo manipulator apps on the phone itsself that the 3g just could not handle. They are great things to play with on public transport which I had to use a few days ago and I was not alone an elderly lady was sat opposite from me completing a crossword on her iPad which she was obviously totally wrapped with.

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South West in the Mahogany Creek forest…

South west quarter of Mahogany Creek forest

Canon 4D IR ƒ/11 1/160s ISO160 Voigtlander 40mm

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Towards a fading sun…

Towards-a-fading-sun 10 minutes later

Sigma DP2 Merrrill.

I shot several versions of this quickly as the light was fading. This was shot in monochrome with a Yellow filter to try and extract a bit of detail from the sky. It didn’t work! so I toned it in Topaz restyle for dramatic effect…


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Secondary growth in the Jarrah Forest…

Secondary growth in the Jarrah Forest
Sigma DP2 in mono ƒ8 1/25s ISO100

Forest series

I have been thinking a lot recently about monochrome and how I can get the results I would like in this forest series. I would like to achieve the the look of some of the orthochromatic films that I enjoyed looking at years ago.  I haven’t tried the mono only setting on the DP2 Merrill since the last firmware upgrade. And while I don’t remember reading anything about any improvements via the firmware it looks like there could have been some improvements through that or in the last update of Iridient raw converter. Which as it happens is to my knowledge the only converter other than SigmaPhotoPro that will handle DP2 files. Every time I use this camera I am just knocked out by its files qualities.


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Almost night on the Jarrah forest walk track…

Almost night on the Jarrah forest walk trackLeica M2 ƒ/2 1/30s ISO 400  40mm summicron C  Ilford XP2

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Full moon over Mahogany Creek…

Full Moon in Mahogany Creek

Olympus EM-5 OMD ƒ/11 .4s ISO320 75-300mm lens
Converted to monochrome in OnOne Perfect Photosuite B&W which has a a few nice presets and qualities the like of which are not available in Silver Effects Pro

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Another forest on the way home…

Another forest-on-the-way-home

Rollei Giro 70 Agfa Ultra ISO 100.

It was almost dark when I stopped by another part of the darling scarp forest just to watch the last light of the day fade into night. Looking towards the light the greens and purple greys were quite visible but I wasn’t expecting this.

Agfa Ultra has the facility to produce often quite wildly saturated colour at times but this was after the sun had set behind the hectares of forest to the west. It was corrected mostly in RAW as a tiff file straight out of the scanner. Then a bit of posterizing through simplify and much to my surprize an image more like an illustration…

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Forest sunset…

Summer heat in the Jarrah forest

The forest in summer with too much sunset. Analogue digital overlay

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