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Who left that darned window open???

Who left that darned window open?

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Curved Matrix…


Olympus OMD f8 1/500s ISO200

Curved matrix, an interesting building in Singapore on the formula one circuit. People have criticised quite harshly the Olympus 12-50 kit lens but I am finding it to be better that average and far superior to kit lenses from Canon and Pentax the two that I have had experience with. Its tack sharp at f5.6 and the colour rendering (on colourful subjects) is as good as some of my Canon L lenses. All considered a good everyday lens. The Oly lens that I am really waiting for is the 60mm Macro if they get that right any competition from other manufacturers becomes quite subjective…

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Blue and silver…


Olympus OMD f 6.3 1/1600s ISO320

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Olympus PEN EP-2 f5.6 1/640 ISO160 kit lens

Had to go into the city briefly this afternoon to a part of the city I don’t normally frequent. But even so its only  been six months or so since I was last there and a whole new building has risen. I quite like the form of this one it has layers of detail overlapping the basic simple box structure…

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Blue and white high rise on the Melbourne skyline

Melbourne rectangles in glass and steel

A grab shot when the sun briefly shone on visit to Melbourne with the Canon S70 f6.3, 1/1250s ISO 200 17.5mm

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