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Bristly Cottonheads…


When these fluffy yellow fellows the Bristly Cottonheads pop up in clumps throughout clearings in the Jarrah forest its a sure sign the spring is here even though the heavy rain and the thermometer would indicate otherwise…

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Tiny florets…

Tiny-florets a new flower in the Jarrah Forest

Olympus EM-1 OMD f/5.6 1/180s ISO640 60mm Macro
One of the advantages of living in the bush is that I am only a minute away from some of the most diverse flora on the planet, welcome to W.A. I have no idea what this flower is except that it does not appear regularly in this little corner of the Jarrah forest. It is common because I have seen it regularly elsewhere but just not here. I will identify it tomorrow and photograph some of the minuscule detail in these Tiny florets. Have to do it soon because another week and it will be replaced by some other little wonder.

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Last rays of sun – winter solstice…

Last rays of sun - winter solstice in the Jarrah forest

Olympus E-M1 OMD ƒ5.6 1/30s ISO320. Lumix 25mm
The last rays of sun squeezing through the trees. Its all down hill to summer, the days will start getting longer and the end of day walk will start later, but its still going to get colder for a few months at least.

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Cloudy evening in the native garden – Jarrah forest in winter

Cloudy evening in the back 2 acres

Leica M2 ƒ/5.6 1/30s ISO400 Fuji Neo Pan 40mm Summicron

We are now in winter we have had a reasonable amount of  rain and a few flowers are starting to bloom.

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Path to a clearing…

A path to a clearing in the Jarrah forest

Sigma DP2 Merrill Mono ƒ/8 1/25s ISO100

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The southern fire break at sunset …

The-southern-firebreak-at-sunsetPentax 6×7 ƒ11 1/60s @ 400 Ilford XP2 Super ISO 55mm ƒ3.5 Takumar
I still can’t get over the fact that this is ISO400 film…

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Long shadow…

Shadows are long at six pm

Yashica Mat ƒ11 Fuji  ACROS Neopan 100 LC 29 1:19, 5 minutes

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Forty four degrees in the forest…

Forty four degrees in the forest
Canon 5D mk1 converted to IR ƒ11 1/60s ISO160 Voigtlander 40mm

I had to take another look at this view. I can’t leave the property when the temperature is in the high thirties and forties just in case of fire. The fires last weekend were very bad fifty two families are now without their homes in areas that I know well it’s very very sad. It seems that strong winds blew a power pole over on private property, the cables arced and caused the fire and the wind fanned the flames very quickly. I really feel deeply for all the people affected but it could happen to anyone who lives in the Darling Ranges we are more than most, subject to the forces of nature even though there is the possibility that it may have been caused by human error. One only has to look at the magnificence of this place, so why would any one want to leave! The volunteer fire brigade with the help of water bombing managed to get the fires under control on the second night with help from the overnight cool temperatures and the laps in the wind, they truly wonderful people. After four days cool temperatures 25 – 29 degC today again the temperature has risen to thirty nine, we cross our fingers and live in hope…

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The forest garden is like having a cathedral in the back garden…

My back Forest as a CathedralCanon FTb f8 1/250s 50mm ƒ2.8 macro Kodak HD200 developed as B+W Rodinal 10min  1:50 corrected Silver effects pro.
Some days one walks out of the house into this and its wonderful to be alive!

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And the forest sweltered

And the forest sweltered


Olympus EM-5 OMD f16 1/6s ISO200 Rokinon Fisheye lens

And the forest sweltered we had a forty two degree day last week Gawd, it was hot especially when the humidity started to rise towards the end of the afternoon. And this is just December

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