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Blue Moon

Bloo moon I saw you standing alone .dip da dip da dip...
Olympus E-M5 OMD


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Wandoo winter woodland near Clackline ….

Wondoo winter woodland near cloackline

Wandoo winter woodland near Clackline. The Avon Valley is pretty most times of the year except in Summer when it is just too hot.

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Dusk, what I cant see, and how to see more…


Lumix G3 f7.1 1/5th ISO400 Panasonic 14-42 X lens

I don’t do a lot of HDR photography for many reasons which I will write about at length sometime in the future but at its core having the facility to naturally expand the limitations of the camera’s sensor or indeed film for that matter is very appealing to me as a photographer who wants to capture what my eyes perceive at a particular moment in time. I live in a forest and the above image is my back yard, not mine exactly, but its a degraded state reserve which was once a gravel pit between two areas of forest that I happen to walk through almost every day. The sun becomes hidden by the trees very quickly here and sunset takes minutes and twilight persists for considerably longer. In that twilight this image looks like this.


Lumix f7.1 1/5th ISO400 Panasonic 14-42 X lens

Not very appealing, it looks darker than the time it was actually shot and not what my eyes saw but through the magic of software by supplying two additional images with one full f stop above and below the actual exposure and then blending all three images we get a result that is better than the original capture. And certainly better than the dynamic light range that most colour films offer. Monochrome or b&W films could achieve a similar ‘eyes’ accurate result with careful printing but as a photographer friend just made me aware yet again finding a pro lab is getting to be a tedious task. Even just developing film in a mini lab then scanning and processing ones self adds hours of work retouching scratches. Alas most people who do this work now don’t understand film.
But I digress, The first HDR image offers a good representation of what I actually saw at that time. The HDR process has been available since Photoshop CS2 (?) Then it was quite a crude process and needed as much tinkering as with its wet darkroom equivalent. This image was blended and mixed in Niks HDR effects pro and straight out of the box my feelings towards this software are very positive. I can see why google bought them out, their creations are very good and every one likes to own a winner HDR effects pro is a winner. One can do all kinds of things with HDR software and that is good, it allows creatives additional tools with which to find results that suit their want and needs. However at this point in time my main use for HDR software is to expand the dynamic range of what the cameras sensor produces to a level where it matches my eyesight. I am sure that with time the camera sensor will do this until then this is a pretty good result.


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Circle game…

Circle game, was that my round?

Olympus OMD f8 1/320s ISO200

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577-578-579 numbers in a car park.

Olympus OMD f8 1/500s Leica 135mm Tele elmar f4

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Winter sunrise


Olympus OMD f5.6 1/640s ISO320

The winter solstice arrived with some of the coldest temperatures I can remember. It was 0 deg C so cold that the wood stove had to be stoked up in the morning, most unusual. I seem to recall Barry Commoner wrote article in the late sixties or the early seventies where it was mentioned the global warming would result in extraordinary swings in seasonal temperatures. Well this morning I think he was right!

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QV1 West…


Olympus OMD f8 1/1600s ISO320 12-50mm

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Glass and sky reflected…


Olympus OMD f9 1/320s ISO320

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Perigee moon


Olympus EM-5 OMD f11 1/160s ISO200 Leica R 250mm

The moon is different from Perth… I just had a look at Martin Bailey’s moon on google +

I just had to photograph the moon last night a good test of the Olympus OMD and a comparison with the Point of perigee captured last year on my now disposed of Canon 5D and EF 28-300mm L. The Oly had a 250mm Leica R mounted. This was by no means intended to be a scientific comparison the lens and processing was different and this time around there was a bit of light cloud but over all the Olympus acquits itself very well. I am well pleased that I decided to lighten up my kit. I can do everything I did with the Canon kit to the same standard of IQ with half the weight…

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Dandelion Day…

Dandelion Day

Leica M9 f8 1/180s ISO 200 Voigtlander 75mm f1.8

I like Dandelions from the first time I blew a dandelion clock to the sixties hit by the Rolling stones to my to grandmothers dandelion wine . I still have her recipes somewhere… I photographed these dandelions near Siena in Tuscany last year they quite the largest seed heads I have ever seen. I am uncertain if the huge size about 100mm is due to a varietal difference or the fact the rich volcanic soils cause incredible growth!

Dandelion and wild oats


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