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Marri trunks …

Marri trunks in the Jarrah forest

Marri trunks in the Jarrah forest, sadly the great and grand Marri trees seem to succumb more to die back disease all to often. The banksias are all but wiped out in this part of the forest and it happens so quickly within one season its very sad to see these magnificent trees die

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Fallen Marri Tree

Fallen tree Darling Range Jarrah Forest
Yashica Mat  f8 Fuji Neopan 100 exposed as 400 Stand developed in Rodinal

This Fallen tree in the Darling Ranges Jarrah Forest fell to the side of the walk trail about twenty years ago. There was a really bad storm in August and this whole area was quite profoundly affected, huge trees that were in all likely hood suffering from the effects of dieback fell down all through the whole area. For quite a few months every walk was a bit of a discovery and then a year or so after the storm CALM as it was then called Conservation and Land Management had a prescribed burn to reduce the leaf and other tree litter that had accumulated over the previous umpteen years. The following spring was quite remarkable new growth everywhere lots of flowers that hadn’t been seen for years and small sapling trees and shrubs grew by the day.

I have photographed this forest in many ways and many times but home processed black and film looks right, this was made on a forty odd year old Yashica Mat. I really like TLR’s I always wanted a Rollei wide…

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Forest view on a Lensbaby, Jarrah, Marri and a little black boy, Xanthorrhoe preissii

Forest view, Jarrah,Marri and a little black boy, Xanthorrhoe preissii

Lumix G3 f5.6 1/30s ISO 160 Lensbaby Pro

Forest view, Jarrah, Marri and a little black boy, Xanthorrhoe preissii. One of my first photos made with a new Lensbaby Pro. I had the first model that I used on a Canon 5d. The new Lensbaby pro is a huge improvement over the older unit, the focus is silky smooth as is the tilt. I have the Lensbaby double glass optic which is essentially 100mm on the micro 4/3 mount it will be interesting to try this with the closeup optic on flowers. Not too many flowers here at the moment as it has been so hot today was a cool 33deg! But given some rain I should be able to sample the possible lights of this lens hopefully by the end of the month.

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Full moon, a rural road with just a hint of a setting sun …

A rural road that runs through the Darling scarp Jarrah forest Canon 5d f2 1/15s ISO400 Voigtlander 40mm

A rural road that runs through the Darling scarp Jarrah forest the moon was up and the  sun was just over the tops of the tree line enough to flash the tops of trees beneath the moon. It was a surprize to see how little sun light is needed to cause IR reflectance that is needed to make the foliage glow. The trees on the right of the photo were in the shade of a very large Marri directly behind me so as a result the foliage is quite dark. Fifteen minutes later (photograph below) the sun was almost entirely gone consequently the ISO was banged up to ISO1250 and the maximum shutter that I could use was reduced to 1/6s hand held but braced against a tree. There is quite a lot of wind blur in the tops of the trees due to the low shutter speed that is to be expected and not unpleasant

Fullmoon rising over the Jarrah Forest on the Darling Scarp

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Marri flowers …

Marri flowers are normally a cream colour these are white!!!!!Lumix G3

Marri flower blossoms are normally cream to off white in colour. This one decide it was going to be pure white…

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Detail of a fallen Marri developed in Photoshop …

Detail of a fallen Marri that came down in a stormLumix G3 f5.6 1/25s 14-42mm G @ 29mm

In consideration that this was hand held at 1/25s the detail that can be seen in this image surprized me especially at these light levels. The post processing is fairly basic, a little tweaking in ACR then converted to LAB a touch of added contrast in curves and a bit of global and micro sharpening in Photoshop.  I have found more with Photoshop CS6 than Photoshop CS5 that there are dramatic colour shifts when one moves from RGB pro to SRGB. This problem can be overcome by changing the colour space directly in Photoshop rather than allowing save for web to do it.

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Marri leaf…


Lumix G3 f5.6 1/50s ISO400

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Marri leaf litter…



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Forest edge II…

Canon AE1 no exposure data recorded Vivitar 200mm. Ilford SFX200 developed LC29 1:29 10.5 minutes

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Black trunk

Canon 5d f2.8 1/25s ISO100 EF24-70L

The black charing is the result of a prescribed burn off four years ago. The structure of this marri’s bark is such that the outer layers burn with the fire and carbonize thus causing the fire to die down and smoulder for a short while without causing the tree any serious damage, life goes on…

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