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Mercury Cider from Tasmania…

Mercury Cider its a good drop from Tasmania

I found this fading sign for Mercury Cider on a wall in Launceston with some over saturation it has come back to something like its original colours which is more than I can say for the surrounding bricks! Mercury Cider seems to have a connection with Bulmers a well known UK cider brewer (does one brew cider?) which has been around for centuries but the much stigmatized name of Mercury as far as I can find has only been connected with Tasmanian cider since the 1940’s. The graphic style of this wall painting would to me indicate an earlier period but who knows the sign painter might have been of an older generation. Personally alcoholic cider was the first alcoholic drink I ever consumed closely followed by my mothers love of a saturnes ‘La flora blanch’ a style of wine which is very much out of favour in the present.

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