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Four Dollars : Street tree series continued

Four Dollars : street tree series continued...
Leica M2 ƒ11 1/250s 40mm Summicron Agfa 100 ultra C41 developed as B+W 1:50 Rodinal 10 minutes finished in Silver Effex.

I think this is a Queensland Box tree which unusually has been left intact. Generally in this part of the world if a tree grows its fair game to be hacked and butchered into something that does not resemble a naturally grown tree at all. This tree provides deep shade for the front of the house and garden which is something Western Australian natives often fail to do. It always seems that where trees that provide good shade are needed the WA natives are planted and along roads where there is no parking there always seem to be good shade trees. A deceased good friend of mine was  keen observer of such conundrums, Harry called it Sods law and in such cases a sod it is!

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Midland railway workshops entrance…

Midland railway workshops entrance

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Off to work – well once upon a time, getting political…

Off to work - well once upon a time


Having started my life’s work  initially in a dairy bottling milk and then in an assortment of factories and machine shops I have an understanding of what it is to see a raw material enter at one end of a factory and leave as a finished product. Many working people take pride in those things that they make and produce but in Western Australia like so many places in the developed world this occures less and less. Midland as a town at one time produced steam engines carriages and rolling stock.This is not the case any longer the closest it comes to manufacture is to mount imported electric railcars on their bogies or wheels to those who haven’t had any interest in trains.

Mostly Liberal politicians killed off this industry because they could see no profit or pride in producing transportation equipment. What we have left are a collection of early twentieth century buildings that fortunately do have a future life. The ghosts of the thousands of workers that once built the trains still lurk as names on bricks and are represented as street art…

At another level

Abbott is going to cut the NBN to shreds



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I didn't get my wires crossed !

I didn't get my wires crossed


I didn’t get my wires crossed the processed monochrome from the Sigma DP2 Merrill produces full toned images. A 100% crop image of the wires and insulators shows an incredible amount detail present. This was shot at 100ISO my next test shots will be at higher ISO

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Midland Court House

Midland Court House
The Midland Court House is a grand old building that has been completely restored as it is one of the oldest public buildings in the state.

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The Jacaranda’s have grown up next the Midland Memorial Hall …

Jacarandas have grown up at the Midland memorial hall

Jacaranda’s grow very well in Midland an they are very popular, and why not there is nothing more glorious than to see a Jacaranda in full bloom…

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Young plane trees in the Midland Old courthouse precinct in Infrared …

A young Plane tree in the Midland Court house precinct
I never tier of photographing trees especially against an architectural background. Infrared offers an alternative way of seeing the shapes of both in the middle of the day when in Western Australian both would be cloaked in dark shadow obscuring detail or light so bright that it hurts un shaded eyes. Infrared also introduces a different spectrum of  tonalality and of course in photoshop it can be manipulated!

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Blue vestry door …

Blue vestry door Anglican church in Midland Western Australia Lumix G3 f3.5 1/400s ISO 160

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Occasionally I do get out of the garden, Moon rise over Midland …

Occasionally I get out of the house for a Moon rise in Midland!Lumix G3 f5.6 1/640s ISO160 14-42mm

Yes, occasionally I do get out of the garden, had to do a bit of shopping I came out of a shop and this scene caught my eye. A moon rise against a perfectly clear sky with the sun just slipped over the skyline all the elements in the right place, lovely I do need to get out of the house more at the right time. Sunsets in Western Australia are wonderful…


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Disused railway tracks that lead to the Midland workshops…

Disused railway tracks that lead to the Midland workshops


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