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Concrete forms and grilles

Concrete forms and grilles

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Swedish Grille…

Swedish grille from the da big Volvo truck

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Corrie number eighteen…

Corrie - Inspired bu corrugated steel roofing

Corrie number eighteen.

Originially created in Photoshop 4! Its time they see the light of day…

Corrie – Corrugated roofs are everywhere in Australia this was the initial inspiration when I was building our home in Mahogany Creek in 1990. Originally the walls were going to be made of Colourbond corrugated steel – Corrie to every one who works with this wonderful material. I spent a lot of time designing that house but ironically corrie wasn’t used I couldn’t get anyone at the time to do the work, roofs yes, but not the exterior walls so I had to use a more conventional type of steel cladding. Now of course its used all over the place for every purpose imaginable there are many variations even a mini orb where the corrugations are only 15mm apart. One chain of work clothes shops uses throughout the interiors. I designed and built several tables that incorporated curved bullnose corrie. Altogether a versatile and practical material.

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Art Deco meets a minimal theatre …

Art Deco meets a new minimal theatre in Perth Western Australia Lumix G3 f11 1/1250 ISO 400 14-42mm G lens

Within the last thirty years developers often with the permission of local government have managed destroy many fine Art Deco buildings that were perfectly able to be renovated. Our architectural heritage has been decimated at the price of progress. Then in the late eighties there was a bit of a public backlash against the destruction. There were a few old pubs that were on the brink of demolition that ended up being saved and renovated in a modern style and people liked it. That led to a greater public awareness which in turn placed pressure on local government to be more critical with the granting demolition requests from developers. The above pic is an example but in this case it is a public building that has been merged a nineteen twenties store front has become a facade for a twenty first century theatre complex…

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Gravel ball…


Olympus OMD f5.4 1/30s ISO 320

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Marri leaf…


Lumix G3 f5.6 1/50s ISO400

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Lumix G3 f5.6 1/80s ISO500 14-42mm

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Nothing simple…


Olympus OMD f8 1/60s ISO500

Suntec City Singapore

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Round and blue…


Olympus OMD f8 1/500s 12-50mm lens

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Streaky windows…


Olympus OMD f8 1/640s ISO200

A range of Zeiss auto focus lenses have just been announced for the Micro four thirds format. This is remarkable and will a long way to cement the format as the small camera format. Don’t get me wrong Olympus, Panasonic and Voigtlander all make very good lenses but Zeiss, Schneider and Leica are the creme de la creme of glass. Personally I am a Zeiss kind of photographer I have had, used and like the qualities of both of the others but the Zeiss offerings have always been the more memorable… Photokina is starting to look like it will be a really good show!


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