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Steal and red…


Canon G9 f5.6 1/250s

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Its a flying kangaroooo….

Its a flying kangaroooo

Canon G9 f5.6 1/640s ISO100
A very clear day in November 2008 and a Qantas jet is off to someplace unknown to me…

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New paint job…


Canon G9 f5.6 1/640s ISO100

There is just one thing I like about these environmentally disastrous tilt panel concrete buildings and that is the elemental paintwork.They have to be painted or sealed in someway otherwise in wet weather they, like tile roofs absorb the moisture then evaporate it when the sun appears. Then the building becomes and evaporative air conditioner… in winter!!!!!

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Two open windows…


Canon 5D f13 1/180s ISO400 EF24-105mm IS

Having had most of my photographic equipment stolen I have had the time to review my library clean out a lot of rubbish and get down to learning Light room. I have been using Photoshop since version 2 and Illustrator from day one! I like a lot of the out put features that LR has to offer but I am so used to CS5/6 LR seems quite primitive… Moving out of LR and into PS seems so cumbersome or am I missing something. Aperture was better in this regard but it had other limitations that were problematic for me perhaps LR version 4 is better. I guess Scott Kelby will put me right eventually!


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Olympus OMD f8 1/320s ISO 250 12-50mm lens,

It has taken over a week to return to some form of normality after some miserable bastard deprived me of  the tools of my trade. Fortunately all my twenty years of work digital and scanned film work reside on a couple of hard drives which were stored of site – cheap insurance… I have still got a hundred or so architectural images captured on my recent trip to Singapore. Hopefully the Over Fifties Insurance Co will see fit to pay out before I run out of images to post here. It just might be an opportunity… I still have a couple of very capable film cameras and a freezer full of film then there’s my iPhone

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The blues just the blues always the blues…

The blues just the blues always the bues

Olympus OMD f6.3 1/1000s ISO400 12-55mm

I was listening to Mississippi Fred McDowel and John Lee Hooker on my iPhone, the blues hit my ears and my eyes I just pressed the shutter…

The clarity of the W.A. sky is a thing to behold, its big and its blue very blue…

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Post modern tessellation…


Olympus OMD f 6.3 1/2500s ISO 320 12-55

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Ladders light and dark…


Canon S70 f8 1/13s ISO100

I inadvertently set the on camera flash to on and this is the result a thin band of shadow on the foreground ladder. I don’t often use flash preferring natural light but this accident works for me!!!

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State Theater Entrance…

Olympus PEN EP-2 f5.6  1/640s ISO125 14-42mm kit lens

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Woops! ‘Minimal humour’


Another skyline shot Canon S70 f8, 1/400s ISO100. ‘Minimal humour’ if there is such a thing!

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