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Blue Moon

Bloo moon I saw you standing alone .dip da dip da dip...
Olympus E-M5 OMD


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Full moon in the Jarrah forest …

Full moon in the Jarrah forest

Dark arrives earlier in the Jarrah forest than in the suburbs of Perth because the sun slips below the trees about an hour before it is lost to the horizon of the Indian ocean some forty kilometers away. As a result moon light seems brighter here than on the flat sand plain. Where this was taken the elevation is 295 metres above sea level. We have very few street lights so there is nothing to dim the light of stars and planets above the trees in the east even before the last light of the sun disappears. A few stars can be seen through the trees. As the sun sinks the light pollution of Perth takes over in the west where sun rays where only minutes before. The yellow light on the small secondary growth Jarrahs comes from an auto on light on the corner of my studio that lights the path. I have never captured this view before but then the rising full moon is only in this position for a few days a year and I don’t recall seeing it like this before. All the elements of trees, moon, blue night sky and camera might never come together like this again.


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Big moon rising …

Big moon rising ...


Big moon, point of perigee tonight is the night when the moon is because of its elliptical orbit is closest to to our mother earth I see this moon through the trees of the Jarrah forest. But tonight is also cloudy so the views are broken by the passage of a continuous stream of clouds.

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Full moon, a rural road with just a hint of a setting sun …

A rural road that runs through the Darling scarp Jarrah forest Canon 5d f2 1/15s ISO400 Voigtlander 40mm

A rural road that runs through the Darling scarp Jarrah forest the moon was up and the  sun was just over the tops of the tree line enough to flash the tops of trees beneath the moon. It was a surprize to see how little sun light is needed to cause IR reflectance that is needed to make the foliage glow. The trees on the right of the photo were in the shade of a very large Marri directly behind me so as a result the foliage is quite dark. Fifteen minutes later (photograph below) the sun was almost entirely gone consequently the ISO was banged up to ISO1250 and the maximum shutter that I could use was reduced to 1/6s hand held but braced against a tree. There is quite a lot of wind blur in the tops of the trees due to the low shutter speed that is to be expected and not unpleasant

Fullmoon rising over the Jarrah Forest on the Darling Scarp

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Perigee moon


Olympus EM-5 OMD f11 1/160s ISO200 Leica R 250mm

The moon is different from Perth… I just had a look at Martin Bailey’s moon on google +

I just had to photograph the moon last night a good test of the Olympus OMD and a comparison with the Point of perigee captured last year on my now disposed of Canon 5D and EF 28-300mm L. The Oly had a 250mm Leica R mounted. This was by no means intended to be a scientific comparison the lens and processing was different and this time around there was a bit of light cloud but over all the Olympus acquits itself very well. I am well pleased that I decided to lighten up my kit. I can do everything I did with the Canon kit to the same standard of IQ with half the weight…

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