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Paperbark section – my favorite tree vandalized …

My favourite paperbark Melaleuca capitata in Glen Forrest
This is one of my favorite trees its a Paperbark a Melaleuca of some sort there are literally thousands in the family. This Paperbark tree specifically I have photographed several times, there is so much detail in the trunk its a bit of a resolution challenge for any lens. When in flower one can stand beneath its canopy and be almost deafened by the hum and buzz of bees. I decided to return to the little park in Glen Forrest and photograph the tree again only to find that it had been pruned, no de limbed and butchered is a better description. It will likely grow back and resume its weeping habit but for the time being its a sad representation of its former self…

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Paperbark at sunset …

Paperbark at sunset next to an enormous gum the thing must be 40 metres high

Canon 5D Mk 1 f5.6 1/80s ISO100

My favourite paperbark again with a slightly different approach looking at the tree from a distance with it in the shadow of the enormous gum behind it. That gum tree could easily be forty meters in hight. The paperbark being in shadow does not have the same reflectance as the gum so we see the full form of the paperbark tree. If this were shot in colour or even mono we would not see it as it would blend into the other trees with only being a slightly darker shade of green. Another reason for shooting infra red!

I picked a white balance point very carefully so as to generate a little bit of  blue colour in the sky I made a simple selection of this and then adjusted the colour in Colour balance.





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My favourite paperbark Melaleuca capitata …

My favourite paperbark Melaleuca capitata in Glen Forrest

Canon 5D converted to infrared 720nm filter.

I have photographed this paperbark several times it sort of like visiting an old friend! With every change of season the tree changes. About five years ago after a storm it lost a limb, but within two years it had grown over and the tree looks as balanced as it did before the storm. There is a lot of detail in this paperbark image  and I wanted to emphasize this by reducing some of the tone and increasing the contrast. It now has the look of an engraving and will make a good print… 

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An old paperbark in Glen Forrest…

A paperbark tree in Glen Forrest Lumix G3 f3.5 1/20s ISO400 Lumix G Vario PZ 14-42/F3.5-5.6

The detail that this lens captures wide open is remarkable. I am going to reshoot this tree on a medium format camera probably in B&W and stand develop it. I am really curious to see if this can be out resolved on a fine grain 120 film.

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