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Silver City The Architecture of W.A. Department of Education

Silver City The Education Department of Western  Australia

I like IR photography it allows me to take photographs in the middle of the day rather than fighting with shadows and the intense light of Western Australia. I had an Olympus EM-5 converted its light has lots of lenses there is even a tilt and shift which I feel is somewhat redundant with the software tools available today, but its there if you really need one. I’m playing around with converting RAW files in different ways. This building is a tiny part of the State of Western Australia’s Education department. Nick named the ‘Silver City’. Its quite contemporary, built in the late 80’s and austere. It is interesting that the ground water reticulation overspray has softened its austerity almost like photographic toning – more later, TBC…

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Ghostgums at night…

Ghostgums at night

Olympus E-M5 OMD ƒ/8 15s ISO200 Lumix 14-42


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Perth illuminations…

Perth illuminations

Olympus E-M5 OMD ƒ/8 4s ISO100 Lumix 14-42mm
Perth is the city that flashed its lights to the America astronauts in the 1960’s its so isolated that the escapade was clearly seen by the capsule in orbit. Since then the Perth has added two million people and become the wealth generator of the Australian economy. One can tell how well the economy is running by the number of cranes in operation…

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BHP the largest building on the Perth skyline…

The BHP building the largest on the Perth skyline


Olympus E-M5 OMD ƒ/11 1/125s ISO100 Olympus 75-300mm.

I have had to wait a few months to photograph the new BHP Billiton building in as much as I have not been in Perth when the sun was in the right position. Earlier in the day and the sun would be facing the camera lens, later in the day and the suns reflection off that wall of coated glass would blow out all the detail. I think I caught it just right. I am actually quite pleased with the lens as well I bought it almost a year ago but because of commercial  work and a slew of  family obligations I have not had chance to do much personal work. At this the short end of its range there is no distortion whatsoever and as a relatively inexpensive lense it they don’t come much sharper.

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Father and son…

Father and son

I have no idea who the street artist is that created this work of Father and son(?) but I think its brilliant the fluidity of the drawing with a spray can is masterful and worthy of more than the rear of an outside wall (toilet?) at the back of  William street in Perth.
Whoever you are well done…

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