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And The Answer Is NO…

And The Answer Is NO

Leica M9 f5.6 1/640s ISO100 Voigtlander 35mm f1.4

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Think about Sithu Zeya…

I have been stopped and questioned many times for taking photographs mostly of architecture but once in a park while photographing a tree (??) and always only since that horrible day now called 9/11!
When it happens it is maddening but with the passage of time the angst dissipates and I get on with life. My photographic output has seldom been as an inquisitive photojournalist in the documentary news sense but I do appreciate the ethos and the very valuable reasons of those photographers who travel this road. There are many evils and acts of pure bastardry that should and have to be documented so that the rest of the world can form opinions draw conclusions and act for or against in the way that they choose.
From my reading about the photographers who work in this area of the craft they often have lives that swing between the extremes of existence and all too often this involves danger of every sort. Wether it is done for the cause or the thrill or both it is for the individual to decide. However when your fellow country men are violently oppressed your womenfolk and children made slaves of and you watch it happen, the photographic image becomes part of the imperative to document as a record for the future and to prick the conscience of  the civil world to illustrate what is happening. Sithu Zeya is such a photojournalist and has been jailed for 18 years for taking photographs of the aftermath of a grenade attack in Rangoon Which ever way one considers this it is wrong. Think, pray or take affirmative action. Sithu Zeya needs your thoughts…

Puts my problems in perspective eh!

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