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Reflections of a carpark


Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Subico Perth Western Australia has a new car park which will be needed when the huge new wing of the hospital is completed. Its a practical building but very expensive to use being ‘Private’ they gouge the visitor to the hospital. A visit to a clinic always seems to take three hours or so and there is no change out of $20 for parking. Public transport is difficult if one comes from out of town because there is never any parking at the suburban train stations. Its there but never enough of it. Not good for a hospital that serves many people from outside of the metro area. Yet another inconsiderate action by a useless state government in Western Australia.

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Eucalypt puddle…

Leica M9 f6 1/60s ISO 320 Voigtlander Nokton 50mm

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Reflections… first rain

Canon G9 f5.0 1/25s ISO200

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Howard Street revisited

Canon 300v EF24-70L Kodak 400Tmax TMY no exposure data recorded

I posted an image of this building shot at more or less the same angle, shot digitally on 22/7/08.
This is the first roll of B&W I have shot and developed for some time. The reason that prompted me was that I read a review of the improved TMAX TMY-2 by Francis Schultz in a back issue of the British Black and White Photography magazine it made me realize I had not even used the original Tmax!! My B&W film by choice has always been Agfa and to a lesser extent Illford but apart from five rolls left in my fridge the former is no more. It is seems quite remarkable that new films are being developed or in this case improved upon at this time. TMY-2 will probably arrive in Perth sometime in 2009… In the mean time the old one looks pretty good.

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Alandale Square reflection expanded


Canon 5D f8 1/200s EF24-70 ISO 400

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Reflections on Howard Street

Reflections on Howard Street
Canon 5D f8, 1/60s ISO400
Reflections on Howard Street two totally different periods of architectural style come together…

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Cloudy reflections Perth CBD

Cloudy reflections
Canon 5D f11, 1/245s EF24-70
Cloudy reflections from both sides now

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Corner Reflections on the ATO – Australian Taxation Office Perth W.A.

ar_0001 17/08/2007 The new ATO building in perth

Canon 5D f8, 1/125s ISO 160 EF24-70

Being the first day of the new financial year I’m thinking that many people will have much to reflect upon with the ATO and not all light thoughts…

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