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A helix as a bridge!


A bridge in the form of a helix

A bridge in the form of a helix and the whole thing is constructed out of stainless steel. This is another example of civil engineering a bridge created by the public works department of Singapore. Could it be that this quality and high standard of design is only possible in a benevolent (almost) single party parliamentary system.

We can be this good in Australia god knows we have the talent in the architects and designers. But the thing we lack is the drive (force perhaps) to execute projects on a large scale. As a result much of our top talent in almost every area of expertise except perhaps sporting endeavors leave for and seldom return. I heard a report a few years ago that said in the John Howard years 100,000 graduates departed Australia. It is very sad and a national disgrace.

It took a hundred years to get a railway from north to south in Australia. Pushed through by John Howard who just happened to have a majority in both houses of parliament.  But a hundred years from concept to completion for a railway OMG. It should have been a 21st century solution it ended up being not much different from the 19th century concept. But John Howard is acknowledged to be well, backward looking.
Australia may get a functional high speed fibre optic network within ten years (the NBN) if we get ten years of the same party in power or two parties that agree about the importance of the national interest. If not we will get a half arsed watered down version to save money as dictated by a PM who is ignorant of such matters and minister of telecoms that knows better but for the sake of political expediency won’t admit it. But that is the price of an open democracy or should that mediocrity…

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Bridge over passive waters…



The day was dull and the sky was as grey as the concrete in this bridge. The Singapore government has to be complimented for the standard of its public works. They have built literally hundreds of bridges and multilevel flyovers and thus far I have yet to view an ugly one.

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First feed in Singapore …

First feed in Singapore.

Visiting family is always a joy in Singapore and for my nearest and dearest this also means a good feed and I would venture to say there is more food variety in Singapore than any place on the planet that I have visited.

Singapore is a cross roads of cultures that thanks to government wisdom and foresight live in harmony together. In all of the forty years that yours truly has been visiting Singapore I don’t ever once recall an incident of animosity between any of the cultural groups that involved food or anything else for that matter.

Which is more than can be said for our Australian brethren who of late have resorted the most infantile sort of cat calling across the playing field. Here in Singapore the once under privileged of multiple racial groups have been guided into education at every level. The opportunity for good, better than basic housing exists for everyone. There is a good solid public health system and a transportation system that moves literally millions of people per day.

But its the food that brings all the people together in one way or another. There is always some detail or ingredient that can be borrowed from another culture and re interpreted in another style or cuisine. For instance forty years ago there was absolutely no influence of Japanese food or its presentation, now it can be seen in many dishes from different cultures. If there is such a thing as cultural fusion it certainly exists in Singapore and the populous revel in the happiness it creates especially when it comes to food.

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Glass roof op art…

Glass roof


100% crop

Leica M9 f8 1/125s ISO160


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Lines in leaves…

Canon 5D f4 1/50s ISO200 EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

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Painted leaves

Canon 5D f4 1/50s ISO200 EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

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Singapore skyline…

Canon 5d f9 1/160s ISO200

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Tropical waterfall…

Canon5D f16  .3s ISO100

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Reaching for different ends…

Canon 5D f9.0 1/320s ISO100 EF24-105L IS

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Gothic arch… Only in white

Canon 5D f9.0 1/160 ISO100 EF24-105L IS

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